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Saskatoon as a “foreign speck of dust”

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“This is America. This ain’t Saskatoon or Piscataway or Buddhistan or some other foreign speck of dust. This is America. We have an army. A god damn capital-A Army. A big badass American army with big ol’ guns. And that army needs soldiers. Lots of soldiers. Lots of big god damn badass American soldiers to carry some big guns and show the freaks and the geek’s what’s what. There’s Jesus in Heaven and there’s god above and he gave man dominion over all things and guess what, that man is called The You Ess God Damn Army. Now you tell me, son: where exactly do you think we should find a bunch of god damn red-blooded boys ready to kill for god and country? Should we, should we, should we look up under the couch cushions? Should we look up under the floormat? Hey, I think I left m’ god damn US Army recruits on my nightstand table! Should we look there? Hot shot? Oh, you probably think we should look up in the god damn fabric store, eh? How bout we look for one million future globe-dominating soldiers up in the La-mozz class? Is that it? Maybe we should go on down to the, to the Yankee Candle store down at the outlet mall and ask if they have any assistant managers lookin’ for a little excitement? Maybe that’s where we’ll find the future Navy SEALS of America? Maybe a bunch of posey-picking little girls will beat up the next Sad-dam? Is that it? Or do you think maybe, maybe, maybe we should, lemme just propose this to ya, maybe we should take a look down at the ol’ Nascar track? You think? Ya think that one might be a better idea, smart guy? Maybe we should go have a look at the ol’ football stadium? For some strong young fellas? Would that be alright with you, pinky? Maybe we can find a few strong young boys who know a little something about kickin’ butt down at the drag-racing spot, eh? That alright with you, Albert Einstein? Thank you so much. So if it ain’t too much trouble and all, we’re just gonna keep on spendin’ our $80 million a year sponsorin’ some stock cars and football games under the name of the God Damn Army of the United States of America, thank you very much. So stop your god damn bellyaching about it. There’s still a few good men left in Congress, thank god.”

Rep. Bill Posey (R-Fla.) [pictured] responded during the debate: “We have a volunteer military and they have to advertise for recruits somewhere. …. Do you think they should advertise at the philharmonic? Or maybe you think they should advertise at the ballet. We could surely get some burly, mean paratroopers if we advertised at the ballet.”

Peter McKay’s response, “This means WAR!”







Nice Guys Do Finish Last

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Brooks Laich lost his chance to go to the Stanley Cup, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t able to help a family in need.  Apologies to Courtney Wagner for lifting this story in full, it was just too good to not show it in full.


Saskatchewan’s Brooks Laich helps Capitals fans change flat tire



This is a fantastic story about a Saskatchewan boy (Wawota to be exact) helping some fans in need.

Washington Capitals’ Brooks Laich stopped to help a woman and her daughter change a flat tire after the Caps lost Game 7 of their first round series against Montreal last night. Mary Ann Wangemann and her daughter were waiting on the side of the road for help from Triple A when Laich showed up.

Finally, an SUV slowed down ahead of them and pulled over. And then Brooks Laich got out and asked if he could help.  Since the Triple A folks were already on the way, Mary Ann asked Brooks — whom she immediately recognized — if he’d just wait with them by the side of the road. Instead, he asked whether they had a spare. Mary Ann said they did.   So he took off his jacket — he was still wearing his post-game suit — got out the tire, and started jacking up the car.

“He was like an angel, I’m telling you,” Mary Ann told (Dan Steinberg, who writes D.C. Sports Bog). “Can’t say enough nice things about him.”

The last thing most athletes would probably want to do after a major loss like the one the Caps suffered is talk to fans — but Laich went over and above that.

The whole thing lasted maybe 40 minutes. Laich got the tire changed, and cautioned Mary Ann to drive slowly on the way home, to listen closely for any rattling sounds. She agreed, and said she didn’t know how she could possibly thank him.

“I’m sure you’ll do something nice for someone in the future,” Laich responded. He hugged them and drove off.  I don’t know Laich but was lucky enough to meet him myself while down in Buffalo earlier this year, and just like the woman he changed the tire for I have nothing but nice things to say. I also briefly met Alex Ovechkin and I can tell you Laich was a lot more pleasant. Knowing Laich was from Saskatchewan, I called him over to get a photo. After I said I was from Regina he had a big smile and moved a gate I was behind to pose for a few pictures with me.

He may not have won the Stanley Cup this season, but he has a lot of fans cheering him on here and elsewhere because of the kind of person he is.

You can read Courtney Wagner full article and see her picture in the Leader-Post here