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Just a tad…

It’s just about sums up this wonky story. Thanks to Julius No, Ph.D. from the CBC comment page, ” This kind of Bold behaviour should not be in the Playbook! They should Torch these guy’s passports for this! @ those RIM guys, here’s a Pearl of wisdom: your company has hit a Curve in the road but when you’re in the sky you need to play it straight. Sorry, best I can come up without my first Java….”


From the Canadian Press

Drunk RIM workers fined $70K for disrupting flight

“Two Ontario employees of Blackberry maker Research in Motion are facing a big fine after their drunken rowdiness forced an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Beijing to be diverted to Vancouver on Monday.

Forty-five-year-old George Campbell of Conestogo and 38-year-old Paul Alexander Wilson of Kitchener have been ordered to pay restitution of $71,757 after pleading guilty to mischief.

They were also given suspended sentences and probation for a year.”


Black Berry Apps…why?

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Just a tad…

It’s been a bad couple of days for RIM, but $100 in BlackBerry Apps isn’t going to make things any better. “One analyst has estimated that if RIM were to compensate all carriers and customers for the down time of the BlackBerry network, its earnings would be negatively affected by three to five cents per share in the current quarter — a total of about $26 million.”, from the Globe and Mail.  It’s not the fact that an outage can’t happen.  Amazon had two this year with it’s S3 cloud storage and Google had lock out issues with both Gmail and Good Docs.  Heck even Apple is having a time of it right now trying pull 25 million people into it’s iCloud system.  However all of these companies, even Apple, have been up front as to what the issues are and what you as a consumer can to do find a fix.  RIM, from a person that is actually using your product and really does want you to succeed.  I’d rather you keep the $100 and put it into better management of your systems.  I’m not a systems expert and have no idea how your back up system failed to back itself up but I’m more interested in knowing that they’re won’t be a next time when something like this happens again.