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Jamaica “Punching above it’s weight”

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“Like his writing, Gladwell’s conversation is fluid, funny, and wide-ranging. Monday’s event was sponsored by Jamaica 50—an organization that is orchestrating local celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of Jamaica’s independence from Great Britain—and so a lot of the discussion centred on Gladwell’s Jamaican/African heritage.” via Torontoist

I never pump my chest on the fact that I’ve got a Jamaican background, but that little island of 2.6 million people just keeps becoming a bigger factor in my life and the world in general.  My dad’s battle with Parkinson’s and Dementia has probably fueled that.  He talks about heading home, not Mississauga, but back to Jamaica where he was born and raised.  Wants the kids to get out to see HIS island ASAP.  Jamaica you may see me sooner than you think.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Doug Ford and Margaret Atwood… together at last

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Margaret Atwood and Doug Ford arm in arm farewell party for the mayor’s arts advisor Jeff Melanson.

@margaretatwood posted”

“T-pals, UnBLeevAbul! I just met D. Ford! At a NotTimmies Arts Party! (He knows what I look like now! :D) Sez #libraries will not be cut! :D”


Win lunch with Doug Ford!

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In a word, “Pass”.  In stead sign up to “Why My Library Matters to Me” contest.   The prize: quality time with Margaret Atwood or one of nine other notable Canadian authors.  I’m just saying one could be better than the other.


Win a lunch date with 
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Don’t be shocked: Doug Ford doesn’t know you either

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Norman you don’t understand.  Doug Ford doesn’t have time to figure out who’s who.  Unless you got elected, you just don’t matter.  So sit back and shut up.  Again Toronto, you voted for the guy.


You can read David Rider’s full article in The Toronto Star here–norman-jewison-wades-into-ford-atwood-spat

“Acclaimed Canadian director Norman Jewison says he was “shocked” by Doug Ford’s dismissive comments on Margaret Atwood, accusing the city councillor of betraying the author and all Canadian artists.

Asked by CBC Radio if he had any comment on Ford’s statement last month — after Atwood criticized his desire to close libraries — that, “If she walked by me, I wouldn’t have a clue who she is” — the 85-year-old director of films including Moonstruck and Jesus Christ Superstardidn’t hold back.

“I don’t think we celebrate our artists like we should and other countries celebrate them. So when you get somebody in Toronto on the city council and he doesn’t know who Margaret Atwood is, that’s shocking to me. I’m just absolutely shocked,” he said.

“The world knows who Margaret Atwood is. I mean, why doesn’t he?” said Jewison, the Toronto-born, U of T-educated founder of the Canadian Film Centre on Bayview Ave.

“Where does he live — in a hole somewhere?”

Doug, let me introduce you to Toronto Born, Norman Jewison

Atwood for Mayor of Toronto…or The Leftie Pinko’s Strike Again!

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So this isn’t really going to happen but lets just dream for a moment…With only 1220 left of Ford Days starting her campaign Monday, on the civic holiday, the 71 year old steps onto the platform at 789 Yonge Street  (Toronto Reference Library) to ask the citizens of Toronto to take back their city.  ‘It starts with closing or privatizing libraries but continues down a slippery slop of destroying the backbone of Toronto’s arts, culture and heath.  I stand here to issue a challenge to the people in Toronto.  Help me transform this city to what it should be.  Use tax money the way it should be used…”.  The crowd of nearly 5,000 march down to City Hall giving Rob Ford a message that in a 3 years in a bit he’ll be tossed out like the rest of the garbage.  Oh what a dream


You can read Chloé Fedio ‘s full article in the Toronto Star  here–doug-ford-comments-spark-atwood-for-mayor-movement

More than 5,000 people have “liked” a Facebook page encouraging Atwood to run for mayor.

“So, apparently, you need to be elected to be heard,” Julia Vyse posted on the page.

“This would be brilliant! And a good way to solve a lot of our problems as a city,” wrote Heather Danter.

The Twitterverse is also encouraging the author to run for mayor. Users are Tweeting signs endorsing her future as a politician, including sidewalk chalkboards at a French bistro in Parkdale and a café on Queen St. W.

The “Atwood for Mayor” movement includes a greater discussion about the value of libraries, and that’s evident on the author’s Twitter feed.”


You can read Ray Argyle ‘s full blog page here

” So how about it, Margaret Atwood. Would you run for Mayor?

Anyone who knows her knows that Margaret Atwood could never fill the role of a back-slapping politician.  But she wouldn’t be the first artist to go for political office. I’m thinking of Vaclav Havel, the Czech playwright and poet dissident who was the President of free Czechoslovakia and then the Czech Republic. Or Jan Paderewski, the great Polish composer and pianist who was the second Prime Minister of an independent Poland after the First World War.

Would Ms. Atwood have the interest, the stamina, or the ability to withstand the inanities of a political life? Anyone who’s been through the ordeal of author tours as she has, surely has the stamina. Age is not a factor. Look at Hazel McCallion, long-serving mayor of neighboring Mississauga, and at 90 only now is in what will be her final term.

But let’s face it, Margaret Atwood running for Mayor of Toronto is a highly unlikely prospect.

Let’s suspend disbelief for a moment, and pretend Toronto voters could choose between Atwood and Ford in the next election.The campaign would be highly entertaining, pitting culture against the barbarians. However, like all things political, it probably wouldn’t be fought on any rational understanding of issues facing the city. The Ford forces would depict Margaret Atwood as a “tax and spend liberal.” She’d fight back, brilliantly, but perhaps not successfully.

The library controversy is a case in point. It would be nice to have a rational discussion of the cost/benefits of the city’s chain of libraries. Doug Ford claimed, erroneously, there were more branches in  his Etobicoke district than there were Tim Hortons coffee shops. Not true, but what’s that got to do with it?”

The Top 100 Canadian Singles by Bob Mersereau

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Bob Mersereau also wrote The Top 100 Canadian Albums in 2007.

You can purchase either book

here and


Douglas Coupland is the new Canadian CHIC

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I was perusing the Canadian fashion blog Real Life Runway for some summer fashion tips. Now let’s face it, Canadian Men aren’t really into fashion. The Metrosexual crazy crashed and burned in the early 00’s and many men need their woman at their side if they ever hope to make any sense of matching shoes, pants, shirt and accessories. Accessories?!? Anyhow thank you Sarah for giving us a page of what we men could look like this Summer. I’m hoping you’ll help us guys out more through out he rest of year. Not that I’m complaining about looking at pages and pages of beautiful women.

So speaking of the fashion world in general in Canada, Author, Writer, Design and Visual Artist, Douglas Coupland has taken his pen and sharp wit to the world of clothing. Working with Roots Canada.

RootsxDouglasCoupland brings a new thought to Canadian Fashion. Is it good, bad or ugly? We’ll have to wait until later this summer but you can always jump on Facebook to the fan page here to jump on the Pre-Sale. Maybe I can look as cool as the kids in jPod? Sweet!

You can see it all here at RootsxDouglasCoupland


You can read the full article in Toronto Life here

True to his word, the clothes eschew “birch bark and moose and Mounties” for a line of tees, jackets and sweaters loosely themed around the artist’s notion that what ties Canadians together is that we’re all really far apart. Hipster elements abound—buffalo checks on shirts and tote bags, leggings, oversized scarves—and Roots’ iconic beaver tees are given a modern twist

You can read Amy Verner’s full article in the Globe and Mail here

Half-jokingly, Douglas Coupland says he may never need to buy another piece of clothing again.

That’s because the prolific Canadian author, artist and future thinker can now add fashion designer to his list of creative pursuits.

RootsxDouglas Coupland, a limited edition collection of graphic apparel and leather goods that will launch July 8, also represents the first time that the Canadian retailer has invited an outsider to play with its True North image.

The result – a pop culture potpourri of television test pattern colour bars, circuit boards, beavers, satellites and an electric green grid dubbed The Matrix – is certainly a departure for Roots, which has long been known for its earthy handcrafted leathers and comfy sweat style.

“To me it’s an art project that happened to be clothing,” Mr. Coupland says from his home in West Vancouver. “Roots has been messing with Canadian identity for 30 years and I’ve been doing it for 10 years.… I don’t want people to take it as cynical – quite the opposite – it’s another way of figuring out Canadian-ness. Roots does the outdoorsy way of being Canadian so I [wanted] to go indoorsy.”

Douglas Coupland on CBC’s Q and in conversation with Allan Gregg