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Leslie Feist has got some Metal

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After a four year rest Feist is back with her new album Metals, due out Oct 4.  She’s released a couple of teasers to keep you hungry for more.


waiting for number 2


Why there is no love for Alberta

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The Calgary Stampede is on this week.  Instead of enjoying the thousands of people coming to the event, organizers have had to bring out the PR police to thwart all of the negative arrows being thrown at them.  This of course isn’t new for the Stampede, however after 5 animal deaths, that black eye isn’t getting any better.  On top of Calgary’s bad news, the province of Alberta is feeling the hate as well.  Thinking about visiting Alberta for a vacation?  Maybe a trip to oil trailing pond might be up your alley.  Bird watching would be fun.  As long as you enjoy watching oil soaked feathers.  Corporate Ethics International is making the point that as bad as Gulf Spill is,  Alberta, Canada is doing so much worse.  As a Canadian I’m not feeling so good about looking this bad, but also as a Canadian I know, at least with oil situation, I’m not helping to make the situation any better.  No car this weekend.  TTC I’m you bitch, where are going?

You can download a PDF version of the Ed’s letter to the US here


You can read Petti Fung’s full article in The Toronto Star here

Stampede horse deaths spark debate

Animal welfare advocates say more are calling for historic event to be shut down

There have been animal injuries or death almost every year at the Calgary Stampede but the death of four horses within 24 hours has left organizers of the event reeling and critics renewing their calls to stop the use of animals for entertainment.

Two of the horses died from heart attacks, and two were injured so badly they were ordered euthanized at the scene.

Stampede officials call the deaths “unfortunate,” but animal welfare advocates say the debate is changing.

“It is unusual and it is unfortunate,” said spokesman Doug Fraser, with the Calgary Stampede. “To lose an animal regardless of the circumstance is difficult for the Calgary Stampede and the owners.”

Last year, there were four animal deaths, including three horses and one steer that had suffered a spinal cord injury during a rope steering competition.

Desiree Arsenault with the Calgary Humane Society said the rash of deaths has altered public attitudes.

Last year, she said, about 70 per cent of people talking about the Stampede were in favour of the rodeo events, which carry prizes worth $2 million, while 30 per cent were animal rights advocates who said horses and steers should not be used for entertainment.

This week, Arsenault said she estimates that the numbers have changed and now 50 per cent want to keep the rodeo while the other half want to see the events shut down.

You can read Kim Guttormson’s article in the Calgary Herald here

U.S. ads call for Alberta boycott

Oilsands spark push to keep tourists away

Billboards in four American cities compare oil-covered birds in the Gulf of Mexico with dead ducks in a Syncrude tailings pond. The ads, calling the oilsands the “other oil disaster” and asking would-be visitors to rethink a trip north, spurred immediate reaction from politicians and the oil and tourism industries.

“The Alberta government needs to think about the fact that in the coming years they have the potential to become the environmental South Africa of the Western Hemisphere,” said Michael Marx, executive director of Corporate Ethics International, which is leading the campaign, referring to the former apartheid regime. “Over time, when the potential tourists, who tend to be wealthier and better educated, see what’s going on in Alberta, they’re not going to want to support it.”

Premier Ed Stelmach, who recently took out a half-page ad in the Washington Post defending the oilsands, said the continued bashing and misinformation is frustrating.

“But it also gives us an opportunity to demonstrate the facts of the situation,” Stelmach said, noting he was showing a delegation from Japan around the Stampede on Wednesday. “Once people are here and see for themselves, they appreciate Alberta and the natural landscape.”

Kirk Vs Spock…Canada Day in April

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Spock visits Vulcan.  Capitan Kirk becomes the Queens aid?  What in the Star Trek world is going on?  Vulcan, Alberta is a small town of 1940 people located at the midway point between Calgary and Lethbridge.  Sharing the name of the Star Trek characters home planet, Vulcan is the Canadian capital of all things Trek.  Loosing out on a bid to have the new Star Trek movie preimere in their town, Leonard Nimoy got Paramount Studios to bus 300 town folk to see the movie in Calgary.  Its been many years in the making but today Mr. Spock will grace Vulcan with his half breed self (you need to watch the video to get ‘HB’ reference)

With all of this Spock talk I’ve almost forgotten to talk about the Captain.  Well its seems Kirk aka TJ Hooker aka Denny Crane aka the Priceline pitchman has his sites on another name sake.  GG!  But don’t take my word for it.  Check facebook and see for yourself


Here are my favorite Shatner bits

Kirk Vs Spock 2

Kirk Vs Spock 3

Kirk meets Family Guy

Conan gets the finger

Twitter Time

Rocketman…and that’s all she wrote