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An act of a coward: Shooting at the Eaton Centre

In Canada, Loss of Life, Me Myself & I, Toronto on June 3, 2012 at 15:33

Just a tad…

“My son was asking questions when I first grabbed him and took him under the table. He was asking, “What was that noise? Why are we down here?” Things like that. I was pretty calm talking to him. I just said, “There’s a bad, naughty man being inappropriate, doing bad things. Let’s just stay here to be safe.” Later on, he started saying, “Daddy I’m scared.” I said, “Why?” He said, “Because of the loud noises and because of all the people running so fast.” Bobby Umar via The National Post 

Guns.  Crime.  Murders.  It’s part of living in a city with nearly 3 million people.  You’ve got the good the bad and sometimes the ugly.  The ugly pushed its head up yesterday and reminded the majority of us that were at home around 6.30pm that even our safe city has its share of tragic events.  You ask people that live in Toronto and 99.9% of the  time they would tell you this city is pretty damn safe.  Not much goes on to strike fear in our hearts.  I wasn’t there.  Thankfully I haven’t heard of any family or friends that were injured yesterday, but it makes your heart sink that much further.  How many times have I been in that mall.  Ear buds or meeting up with friends.  Shopping without a care in the world.  Does all of that stop because of this event?  No it does not.  It can’t.  We don’t let these people dictate where we share our lives.  This is Toronto.  Good, Bad and Ugly, we will stand up to this.  We have too.



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