Not any more

Canadian Tire money is the real Canadian currency

In Canada, Customer Service, Money on May 26, 2012 at 08:11

Just a tad…

“Customers receive the brightly colored coupons, equivalent to a fraction of their shopping bill, at the checkout… Each bill features the face of fictional character Sandy McTire.  Over the years, the coupons—printed on counterfeit-resistant paper in denominations ranging from five Canadian cents (about five U.S. cents) to two dollars… Many small businesses across Canada accept the bills at face value, alongside Canadian dollars. Speculators buy and sell the paper.  About one billion bills are in circulation across Canada, worth an estimated 100 million Canadian dollars, the company estimates. Fresh bills are stored in high-security vaults…” via WSJ

It just sucks that Canadian Tire is planning to move to a plastic card in the next little.  I saved up my CT money when I was a kid and it paid for many a Father’s day gifts.


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