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A 24 to 19 loss isn’t losing by 2 votes

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Just a tad…

Doug Ford: “Yes there was money. Both sides were fighting for the same chunk of money. This decision was won by 2 votes. Mammoliti was away today. Two votes.”

I actually got to watch all 30+ hours of the Toronto City Council debate on LRT’s vs Subways.  It started on Wednesday, March 21st, 2011

Beyond all of the cat call, and lack of any understanding by Doug and Co., I’m happy with the result, but still amazed by the lack of understand from the Mayor and his inner circle.   There was no plan to pay for subways.  “A pie graph would be nice. Just something that would show where the sources of funding would come from.” from Councillor Josh Colle.  That was the single largest reason why he lost the vote.  The last minute plan to create a parking tax to bring $100 million was a start but in the end, wasn’t even supported by the mayor.  Councillor Jaye Robinson, a member of the Mayor’s executive said it best during the debate yesterday,

“To me it’s a very disappointing day for Toronto if this indeed goes through, because most international cities that have revered best practice transit system have a grid that’s looped so that you can get around your city in a seamless manner.

The connectivity I think is very important to Torontonians, because people have to get across the city to work, live and play. And if you can’t do that without getting on and off different systems and have to go through complicated transfer points, that is not an effective system. I did vote for the LRT on Eglinton, and I stand by that vote, because it was seamless, you don’t have to transfer when the LRT becomes at grade or below grade.

I would like to see a subway on an incremental basis go across Sheppard. Councillor [Mike] Del Grande put forward a great motion because it proposes a revenue tool. I’m disappointed that the Mayor didn’t rally behind that motion. I think that’s very disappointing. I want to work with the Mayor, I want to work with all members of council, but I think it’s unfortunate that he didn’t back that very critical motion. We definitely have to [build Sheppard] on an incremental basis but that’s not a bad thing.

Residents have been saying to me for years, why haven’t we for decades been building one subway station at a time? And we haven’t done that and now we’re in this place where we have to have a knee jerk reaction and move forward, but is that truly what’s right for the city of Toronto?”

The second reason is the continued barking that the LRT is a Streetcar.  Councillor Raymond Cho tries to explain it Doug Ford.

His brother, mayor Ford has already stated that he’ll be rallying the troops for his re-election in 2014. “Obviously the campaign starts now and I’m willing to take anyone on to fight streetcars against subways in the next election and I can’t wait for that,” he said.  It’s over Rob…deal with it.


You just have to laugh out loud

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