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Save Frankland Community Centre!

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“Nobody had ever heard of a learner pool before,” says Merylie Houston, the former chair of the local community council that built the community centre and pool 31 years ago. “A number of adult males were angry we didn’t build a proper pool so they could swim laps. We said, ‘We built this for the children.’ ”

Frankland pool, it turns out, was a pure community creation. The local school near Chester subway station was crumbling — it needed to be torn down. Some parents started talking: we need some community space, why not build a community centre at the same time? So they did — parents working with teachers, the school board, city councillors and the provincial government. Houston’s husband was on the design team. Her son’s entry for a community centre crest won the competition.”

You can read Catherine Porter’s full article in the Toronto Star here

If you live within councillor Paula Fletcher’s ward visit her website here

This is Frankland Community Centre here…which by the way is also connected to a TDSB school here

Sign the petition here

After all of that if you feel this Community Centre is worth saving you can email Rob Ford at and Giorgio Mammoliti at



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