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Rick Mercer is a bad bad man

In Have to Laugh on January 12, 2012 at 15:35

Just a tad…

That’s right Councillor Katie Mahoney,  let’s blame it all on Rick’s Rants!


Read Megan O’Toole full article in the National Post

“Mississauga is grappling with a rise in graffiti on city property, and one councillor blames an unlikely culprit: CBC comedian Rick Mercer.

Councillor Katie Mahoney says Mr. Mercer’s famous rants along Toronto’s graffiti alley, an area specially designated for that use, has damaged the anti-graffiti cause.

“Rick Mercer needs to know that he’s not doing anybody any good with his rants down the graffiti-tagged alley,” Ms. Mahoney fumed during a city council meeting Wednesday, suggesting the Mercer rants may have unintentionally encouraged the spread of graffiti throughout Canada.”


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