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Mayor Rob Ford owes how much?

In Business, Customer Service, Have to Laugh, Toronto on September 14, 2011 at 09:40

Just a tad…

The gravy!  The gravy!  THE GRAVY!  Looking for some mashed potatoes with that?  What will our Mayor have to cut to clean up this mess?  Colin McConnell writes from the Toronto Star, “There is undoubtedly room for some judicious service reduction, but what’s now being proposed goes too far and in the wrong direction. Indeed, it constitutes nothing less than a re-making of Toronto — not to improve it, but only to run it more cheaply. The overall result will be a shabbier city, both in the physical sense and in terms of its values and aspirations.

Every resident is likely feel some impact, but the heaviest blow is poised to fall on those who depend on city services the most: children, the sick, the destitute, those in need of shelter, and the working poor. That’s just not fair. It’s an inequity that risks undermining a widely held perception of Toronto as a welcoming and progressive city with a strong social conscience. And for what?

The cuts, in total, would shave about $100 million from the 2012 budget — just a fraction of what the Ford administration claims it needs to close a $774-million shortfall.

Had Ford introduced a modest property tax increase this year, and been smarter in how he eliminated Toronto’s unpopular motor vehicle tax, he would have millions more dollars in hand right now. More services might be spared. But the city’s gravy-obsessed mayor fumbled the financial file from the start, and the people of Toronto will ultimately have to pay.”

He’s screwed.  Correction, we are screwed.  Thanks Etobicoke.  You voted for the right man.



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