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Toronto…its New York, without all the stuff

In Canada, Design, Fashion, Food, Government, It's About School People, Me Myself & I, Money, The Junction, The World Comes To Toronto, Toronto on August 16, 2011 at 09:21

Just a tad…

A tip of the hat from New York Magazine’s David Sax.

Cheers although a tad cheeky.


The full article can be found here “The architectural boom has yielded new downtown museums, opera houses, and hotels like the Ritz, Thompson, and soon-to-open Shangri-La (with two Momofukus) while gentrifying far-flung areas like the Junction with requisite coffee shops, pop-up galleries, and poutine-slinging restaurants. Of course, all that growth has come with acute growing pains, including some god-awful traffic; a dearth of affordable housing in a sea of new condominiums; and a polarizing, conservative mayor who has, to many a Torontonian’s chagrin, scuttled proposed rapid-transit lines, eliminated bike lanes, and refused to attend this summer’s gay-pride parade. “

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