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Much Ado About Stupidity: Stephen Harper is a Criminal (List of Crimes)

In Canada on April 13, 2011 at 12:02

Below is a short list of some of the recent crimes against this country perpetrated by Mr. Harper and his cronies:

  • Prorogued Parliament (twice!) to cover up/interrupt investigations into misconduct in his cabinet.
  • Refused to take responsibility for the detainment and TORTURE of Afghani soldiers.
  • Refuses to take responsibility for ANYTHING.
  • Ignore elections act legislation by “in-and-out”-ing large cash sums to individual ridings to defraud tax-payers and fund local candidates.
  • Used the RCMP to suppress free-speech during the G8/G20 summit (and spent 1 BILLION on that security)
  • Hired a convicted fraud-artist to help with his campaign.
  • Appointed a creationist as science minister (who refused to answer questions about evolution because “it was against his religious beliefs).
  • Plans to spend over 200 billion dollars on a new fleet of fighters while millions don’t even have a family physician.
  • Got Canada kicked off the UN security council.
  • Has been an ardent supporter of the oil-sands, and enemy of environmentalism.  Since he was elected, Canada has had the worst environmental record of any of the G8 nations.
  • Used his newly appointed Senate (full of conservative politicians unable to get elected in their own ridings), to kill a climate bill that had already passed the house (presumably at the behest of his key sponsor, the Alberta oil-sands companies).
  • Showed a decided partisan bias during stimulus spending, in which 60% of stimulus money was spent in conservative ridings (when only 46% of ridings were conservative; leaving the other 54% percent to split the remaining 40% of the money)
  • Used $50 million of a G8 legacy fund to pay for projects in Tony Clement’s riding of Muskoka/Parry Sound, despite the bulk of the projects having NOTHING to do with the G8/G20 and being, in some cases, 100 km away from any of the summit sites (all of this without the approval of parliament).
  • Continued centralization of power in the Premier’s office at the expense of elected representatives.
  • forced municipal and hospital amalgamations (reduced local democracy).
  • forced amalgamations of school boards and stripped trustees of powers.
  • diminished workers rights to engage in fair collective bargaining.
  • took food out of the mouths of the poor with a 20% cut in welfare payments.
  • deregulation and privatization (less  public control).
  • gutting of the Ontario Women’s Directorate.
  • changed Legislative rules to limit parliamentary debate.
  • cut back on advocacy groups funding.
  • reduced the number of ridings and representatives in Ontario by about 25%.
  • set up the permanent voter’s list which helped disenfranchise enough students and tenants to help them to squeak to a second “majority” in 1999 with less than 10,000 votes province-wide in 9 ridings and only 45% of the popular vote despite a citizens’ campaign for “strategic voting” to defeat the government.
  • Ejected REGISTERED attendees from his campaign stops after SEARCHING THROUGH THEIR FACEBOOK PROFILES.  These people were actually there to listen, but clearly the only people that Harper can talk to are people who already bought his bullshit.
  • Has actually lowered taxes on the wealthy to the point where the bottom 10% wage earners are actually taxed more than the top 1%.
  • Did not investigate the “Bev Oda” scandal, in which one of his own ministers pencilled in a “not” that denied federal funding to an international aid organization, and then lied about it.
  • Misrepresented a quote from auditor general Sheila Fraser to make it sound like she supported the Harper Government’s handling of the G8 monies (she was in fact referring to the Liberal handling of the 9/11 relief fund…)

Okay, so I think the above is a good start.  I won’t take credit for the images below, they are from , but I think they sum a lot of the above up nicely.  I will add to this post as I go on…

perfect…now go vote!


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  1. Harper is absolutely a criminal for many of the reasons you mention; however, when it comes to Climate Change, which in the 70s was going to bring about New Ice Age and then decades later, dragging that old nag out again, it’s going to bring about a New Hot Age.

    ‘Course ‘they’ve’ cleverly disguised it this time as Climate Change; but it was outed as the fraud it is with CLIMATEGATE wherein was revealed “scinetists” had fudged the figures to suit their fable.

    It’s another in a long line of scams by the government to drain the citizens by taxing them for the weather. Bah! The su is repsonsible fro the weather! The SUN! And do some research on HAARP and CHEMTRAILS for your own edification.


  2. Where did my comment go? Not approved? Why not? So now it’s clear that you are just one more disinfo agent on the net! S’long.

    • Hey @babette! Sorry I wasn’t able to approve your comment last night. (blackberry app crashed)

      Options with (sometimes my own two cents) is what I plot up here. But I always appreciate getting factual feedback.

  3. Thanks for the response! I’m glad to see you have an open mind and as you say, “…appreciate getting factual feedback.” Please look up the things I mention as they are playing a huge role in “modifying” our weather globally.

    As per. the military plan/document named: “Owning the Weather by 2025” and remember the US military used weather modification back during the Vietnam “war”. False Flag invasion is more accurate, as was 9/11, but I digress.

    See: Directed Energy Weapons too. Fascinating the weapons the military has at its disposal – for what? For whom?

    Anyway, excellent work on your compilation of criminal offences by King (stole-the-election) Harper!

    Incidentally, we may not be calling ourselves Canadians soon.

    See on GodlikeProductions: “Redefining the U.S.-Canada Border: The End of Canada as a Sovereign Nation?”

    You can now add TRAITOR to Harper’s list.


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