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Justin Bieber debuts music video at World Series

In Canada on October 30, 2010 at 21:41

Justin Bieber premiered a new baseball-themed music video for his song “Never Say Never” prior to Game 3 of the World Series on Saturday.

The 16-year-old teen-pop star opened Fox’s pre-game broadcast with his new video, which featured footage of the Stratford, Ont., native wandering an empty ballpark interspersed with highlights of the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants in action.

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The short video portrays Bieber singing from the infield, the empty bleachers and atop the dugout, from which he eventually jumps onto a platform below.

The video ends with Bieber brandishing a baseball bat in one hand and an acoustic guitar in the other.

He doesn’t, however, choose a side. Instead, Bieber instead wears a fitted Giants hat at the same time as a clashing Rangers jacket, a diplomatic if contradictory fashion choice.

This acoustic version of “Never Say Never” is culled from Bieber’s upcoming unplugged record, which is due out Nov. 23.

The song was originally included on the soundtrack for this year’s remake of “The Karate Kid.” A video for the original version of the song was already released, featuring Bieber cavorting in the studio with the film’s star, Jaden Smith.

It’s been viewed more than 99-million times on YouTube.

“Never Say Never” is also the title of Bieber’s upcoming 3D documentary-concert film, due out in February.

The Bieber premiere was part of an effort from Major League Baseball to engage younger fans.

Game 3 also had a scheduled start time of 6:57 p.m. ET — the earliest start for a World Series game in 23 years — while MLB planned to unveil the winner of a children’s Halloween costume contest during the telecast.


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