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The election: Ward by ward

In Canada on October 26, 2010 at 09:11

Andrew Barr/National Post

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Ward 1: Etobicoke North
Incumbent Suzan Hall lost the seat she has held since 2000 to Vincent Crisanti in Etobicoke North. Crisanti won the riding with 40.7% of the vote. Hall fell short at 36.9%. Issues that concern residents of Etobicoke North, a diverse area with many newcomers, include transit and access to social services. A former Etobicoke city councillor, Crisanti had the official support of Rob Ford, and campaigned on promises to advocate for lower taxes, less government spending, and opposition to the Personal Vehicle Tax and the municipal land transfer tax.

Ward 2
Doug Ford takes over for Rob Ford

Ward 3 : Etobicoke Centre
Conservative councillor Doug Holyday, a Rob Ford supporter, has a record of winning by landslide. This election was no exception, as he swept the Ward 3 vote with 71.41% of the vote. In every election since amalgamation, he garnered 71.9% of the vote.

Ward 4: Etobicoke Centre
After garnering 46.09% of the vote, Gloria Lindsay Luby will enter her fifth term as a city councillor of Ward 4, the fourth wealthiest ward in Toronto. She won 52% of the vote in 2000 and 69% in 2006. Luby is a member of the Ontario PC Party and has clashed with David Miller over the city agenda. Whether this tradition of conflict will continue with the new mayor, Rob Ford, is up for debate but they are not strangers. The Globe and Mail reported that in 2005, Ford clashed with Luby over a pothole, calling her “a joke.” Ford said, “She’s a waste of time. A waste of skin.”

Ward 5
Peter Milczyn eeks out a win with a late night barn-burner.

Ward 6: Etobicoke-Lakeshore
Mark Grimes was re-elected in Ward 6, Etobicoke-Lakeshore, with more than 60% of the vote. Jem Cain took 28.89% of the vote to come second. Councillor Grimes campaigned for better transit.

Ward 7
One time mayoral hopeful Giorgio Mammoliti keeps his seat

Ward 8: York West
Incumbent Anthony Peruzza won his second of four battles with challenger Peter Li Preti in Ward 8, this time by about 350 votes. Li Preti won in 2000 and 2003, with Perruzza taking over in 2006. Issues in Ward 8 relate to crime, gang activity and the use of land for low-income residents, condo developments, or an expansion of York University campus. Perruzza is an advocate for extending the subway line to Jane and Steeles, which will help to connect York University with downtown Toronto.

Ward 9
Augimeri squeaks out a win

Ward 10: York Center
James Pasternak is the new councillor in Ward 10, York Center. After 20 years in office, Mike Feldman decided not to run for re-election. Twelve candidates competed to take over this riding, with no overwhelming favourite. As a result, Pasternak won with 19.15% of the vote. He campaigned on a platform of improved transit and municipal infrastructure improvements. A trustee with the Toronto District School Board, Pasternak says that he will support any mayor who serves taxpayers and also protects the vulnerable.

Ward 11
After serving three terms in office, Frances Nunziata is set to begin her fourth. Ms. Nunziata was re-elected councillor of York South-Weston tonight with over 60 per cent of the vote, beating out Abdi Hashised, Leo Marshall and Fulvio Sansone. She was one of several councillors who endorsed Rob Ford for Mayor and could be expected to serve a significant role in his administration.

Ward 12
Incumbent Frank Di Giorgio was re-elected councillor in York South-Weston tonight. Mr. Di Giorgio won with 27 per cent of the vote, narrowly beating out Nick Dominelli and Steve Tasses.

Ward 13
Community activist Sarah Doucette will be the new councillor in Parkdale-High Park. It was a tight race between Ms. Doucette and incumbent Bill Saundercook. Nick Pavlov came in third place.

Ward 14
Though there was a long list of contenders, Gordon Perks was re-elected councillor of Parkdale-High Park with over 50 per cent of the vote. A well known environmentalist, it’s expected that Mr. Perks will continue to champion environmental initiatives at City Hall.

Ward 15
Josh Colle wins

Ward 16
Voters in Eglinton-Lawrence reelected councillor Karen Stintz tonight. Ms. Stintz won with just over 60 per cent of the vote. Michael Coll, Roy Macdonald and Terry Mills were the other competitors.

Ward 17
Davenport councillor Cesar Palacio was re-elected to his third term in office tonight. In a race that included seven candidates in total, Palacio’s main competitor was community activist Jonah Schein.

Ward 18
It was a close race in Adam Giambrone’s former ward. Ana Bailao narrowly beat out Kevin Beaulieu, Mr. Giambrone’s former assistant.

Ward 19
Mike Layton joins his parents with a win

Ward 20
Incumbent Adam Vaughan was returned as councillor of Ward 20. The former television reporter was leading with 74% of the vote with one poll to go, while his closest rival, Mike Yen, was trailing with 16.5%. During the race, Mr. Vaughan backed Mr. Smitherman in a bid to defeat Rob Ford.

Ward 21
Joe Mihevc won re-election, holding onto Ward 21 with 56% of the vote. The veteran councillor was trailed by Shimmy Posen who took 30.5% of the vote. The prolonged construction of the St. Clair streetcar right-of-way loomed large in ward debates. Mr. Mihevc acknowledged that local businesses suffered as a result of the construction, but said the businesses that survived will only benefit from the improved transit infrastructure.

Ward 22
Josh Matlow takes Ward 22

Ward 23
Peter Filion held onto his council seat with 65.8% of the vote while his controversial challenger, Peter Clarke, took only 10%. Mr. Clarke proposed a platform that included zero-based budgeting, cutting councillor salaries by 25% and introducing random drug testing for councillors and staffers.

Ward 24
Incumbent David Shiner will be returning to City Hall as councillor of Ward 24. Mr. Shiner won 58% of the vote, while his closest rival, commercial real estate broker Sonny Cho, secured 27%. Mr. Shiner has held a seat on Toronto council since 1991.

Ward 25
Jaye Robinson became the new councillor of Ward 25, beating incumbent Cliff Jenkins. Robinson won 45% of the votes, while Jenkins trailed by only 2 percentage points. This is the second time these two have gone head-to-head at the polls – in 2003, Robinson lost to Jenkins by only 80 votes.

Ward 26
Incumbent John Parker has held his seat as councillor of Ward 26. Parker won the election with 31% of the vote, while Jon Burnside trailed with 29%.

Ward 27
Wong-Tam takes 27

Ward 28
Pam McConnell was returned as councilor of ward 28 in Monday’s election. The former school board trustee secured 63% of the vote, while her closest rival, Howard Bortenstein, won only 19%. This will be McConnell’s sixth term as city councillor.

Ward 29
Mary Fragedakis takes the win

Ward 30
Paula Fletcher wins in a nail-biter

Ward 31
Beaches-East York incumbent Janet Davis was re-elected as councillor for Ward 31 with 65% of the vote. She came out ahead of main opponent Robert Walker, who garnered 11%. A New Democrat, Davis has been a long-time member of former mayor David Miller’s executive committee. This is her third term at City Hall.

Ward 32
Mary-Margaret McMahon wins convincingly

Ward 33
Incumbent Shelley Carroll will be returning to City Hall as the councillor for Ward 33 Don Valley East. The former city budget chief and George Smitherman supporter obtained 57 per cent of the vote, a significant lead over her closest rival Fil  Giannakopoulos, who finished with 20.5 per cent of the vote. This is Carroll’s third term.

Ward 34
The residents of Ward 34 Scarborough Southwest have re-elected Denzil Minnan-Wong to represent them at City Hall. The fiscally conservative candidate returns for a fifth term with 53% of the vote. Minnan-Wong’s closest opponent, Peter Youngren, claimed 40 per cent of the vote.

Ward 35
Michelle Berardinetti has been elected councillor of Ward 35 Scarborough Southwest after a heated race against incumbent Adrian Heaps. The wife of Liberal MPP Lorenzo Berardinetti garnered 50.6 per cent of the vote while Heaps trailed with 35 per cent. This is Berardinetti’s second attempt at a City Hall seat – Heaps beat her by a mere 89 votes in the last election.

Ward 36
Newcomer Gary Crawford has been elected to represent Ward 36 Scarborough Southwest with 24.8 per cent of the vote. Crawford has been a Toronto District School Board trustee for the past seven years. In a tightly contested race, Crawford beat candidate Robert Spencer by just over one percentage point.

Ward 37
Incumbent Michael Thompson has reclaimed his seat in Ward 37 Scarborough Centre with an 83.7% majority. The right-wing candidate beat out opponent Isabelle Champagne, who garnered a meagre 8.7% of the vote.  Thompson plans to promote better financial management.

Ward 38
Glenn De Baeremaeker will be returning to City Hall for a third term as councillor for Ward 38 Scarborough Centre. The  incumbent has been a long-time supporter of David Miller’s policies. He obtained 64% of the vote while closest rival Glenn Middleton claimed 25.5%.

Ward 39: Scarborough-Agincout
Mike Del Grande was able to retain his position at the council table, which he has held since 2003. He has already expressed interest in being the next budget chief, and beat out Caldwell Williams and Kevin Xu to keep his seat.

Ward 40: Scarborough-Agincourt
Incumbent councilor Norm Kelly is back on city council for another term. The ex-MP beat out Bryan Heal, Ken Sy and Cheng-Chih Tsai for the position.

Ward 41: Scarborough-Rouge River
Ward 41 will continue to be represented by Chin Lee, who beat out Danny Chien and Patricia Sinclair. Lee was the first suburban councilor to endorse Smitherman.

Ward 42: Scarborough-Rouge River
Incumbent councillor Raymond Cho has beat out eight other contenders to retain his seat at the council table, which he has held for 19 years. Cho came to Canada from the Republic of Korea in 1967, and started off his life  in Canada as a miner in British Columbia.

Ward 43: Scarborough East
Paul Ainslie will keep his position as councillor, beating out four other candidates. Ainslie opposes the vehicle registration and land transfer taxes, and does not support wind turbines.

Ward 44: Scarborough East
The heated race between Diana Hall and incumbent Ron Moeser was reminiscent of the 2006 race, and Moeser took it again this time around. The candidates were tied through the voting period.


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