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My Toronto: Noah Reid — Outdoor rinks hold allure for Score star | Posted Toronto | National Post

In Canada on October 20, 2010 at 15:20

My Toronto: Noah Reid — Outdoor rinks hold allure for Score star

Brett Gundlock/National Post

Brett Gundlock/National Post

Noah Reid says The Rivoli has some of the best pool tables in the city, as well as being a restaurant and concert venue.

  October 20, 2010 – 9:28 am

Park life I grew up in High Park, kind of between Bloor West Village and the Junction. Living other places, I’ve certainly learned that having the park right there is a huge asset, though I didn’t  realize it growing up, playing soccer there every day …. Besides its residential charms, though, Bloor West Village is also a great place for shopping  and used to have some great theatres. They’re gone now, but places like the Runnymede and the Humber, I used to go there all time. I can’t remember how many movies I saw at the Runnymede. It’s a shame it’s gone.

Finding safe Harbord When I was at ESA [Etobicoke School of the Arts], there were a lot of people coming there from all parts of the city, and I had a lot of friends in Riverdale, the Annex, Oakville, wherever. So, I ended up spending a lot of time in the Annex, because it has this great culture on Bloor Street, it was a good mix. My parents ended up buying this great place on Harbord and offering me discount rent on the third-floor apartment…. Harbord is a really underrated Toronto street. It’s just lined with restaurants, everything from Tati Bistro [124 Harbord St.], which has a really delicious steak tartare, to Sam James Coffee [297 Harbord St.] and Pizza Gigi [189 Harbord St.], which is the kind of place that doesn’t open until 4 p.m. but stays open all night. It’s old, and they’ve never welcomed me with a smile, but they’ve got great pizza.

Billiards & ballrooms I love The Rivoli [332 Queen St. W.] for a few reasons: I’m an avid pool player, and it has some of the best tables in the city in terms of atmosphere. The place is actually like four things in one — pool hall, restaurant, bar and concert venue. I’ve seen everything from comedy to hip hop to folk concerts there, and since it’s at Queen and Spadina, it’s really in the heart of things. I used to go to the [now closed] Reverb a lot, too, and Holy Joe’s back when I was really into hip hop. Nowadays, though, I hit the Dakota [249 Ossington Ave.] a lot and the Horseshoe [368 Queen St. W.]. But of course the best venue, the benchmark, is Massey Hall [178 Victoria St.]. I was lucky enough to go backstage there when I saw The Swell Season, and man, even the smell of the place has this mystical quality to it.

On the rink I’ve been a Leafs fan all my life, and I grew up playing hockey. But, I was doing a lot of things as a kid, acting singing, playing piano and playing hockey. I even played select for a year when I was 13. But it got to be too much, and I knew I wasn’t going to make the NHL and decided to focus on something I had a shot at. But, I still get out there and play on the outdoor rinks and play some after-hours shinny. Right now, the ones I play at the most are Harry Gairey  [Dundas and Bathurst] and Christie Pits [Bloor and Christie].

Hat trick Promoting the film has been a bit of a whirlwind, especially with TIFF [Toronto International Film Festival] last month. I’d never been to the filmfest before, and it was an interesting way to see your movie for the first time. I’ve never even shot a film before, so it was weird to work on it in February, think it’s over, and then six months later, it kicks back into high gear. But, we’ve been showing it all over — we were in Peterborough yesterday, then Brantford, and we’re going to Kingston — and the response has been tremendous.

Score: A Hockey Musical opens nationwide on Oct. 22.

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