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Quebec invades New York | Agency News

In Canada on October 2, 2010 at 13:29
September 30, 2010   |   By Jeff Beer   |

Marketing’s Jeff Beer is in New York this week filing regular updates from Advertising Week for Marketing Daily.

The Montreal advertising community landed en masse in New York on Wednesday to kick of its largest trade mission ever. Members of the Association des agencies de publicité du Quebec (AAPQ) and, including Bleublancrouge, Cossette, Sid Lee, Taxi, CloudRaker and many more have made the trip to Advertising Week to sell the idea of Quebec as both a creative business hub and a unique test market.

“Creativity is very important in advertising and certainly, as Quebec, it’s part of our DNA,” said Yanik Deschenes, chair and CEO of AAPQ. “But we also have the capacity to produce high quality work in terms of production, studios, and flexible media partners open to innovative ad models.”

The Quebec contingent had a number of initiatives planned to gain the attention of the New York–and consequently global–marketing community at Advertising Week. In the morning, Sid Lee co-founder and president Jean-François Bouchard, presented on his agency’s work model, while bleublancrouge chair and chairman of AAPQ/ Sebastien Fauré spoke about YUL-LAB, a commercial service that uses Quebec as a test market for marketing innovation, with L’Oreal Paris Canada general manager Stephane Berube and TVA Network‘s senior vice-president of marketing Edith Perreault.

Later in the day, Cirque du Soleil CEO Daniel Lamarre gave a presentation Cirque’s creative process.

This is the third mission of its kind, following two trips to Chicago, one in 2009 and another earlier this year. Deschenes said the big difference between earlier efforts and this New York trip comes down to numbers and impact. While the Chicago visits included five and nine agencies, respectively, the New York delegation has 120 people from 20 agencies including media companies, production companies, research companies, universities, the government of Quebec, as well as clients Telus, L’Oreal and Cirque du Soleil.

“What we’re doing with this kind of mission is to invite a wider range of partners, a team of creative business people to connect with the industry in New York,” said Fauré. “It’s not just about introducing the creative advertising people but the overall creativity of Montreal, and that’s a big step in the right direction of being recognized as perhaps the Amsterdam of North America.”

Throughout the day, the group provided a free “Montreal Loves New York” branded shuttle between Advertising Week venues. This evening, the group will host a VIP cocktail party at the residence of Quebec’s delegate general John Parisella, as well as an Advertising Week wrap party co-hosted with Facebook that will include a performance by Cirque du Soleil.

“It’s all about communicating how Montreal is not only a fun, great city, but how we can help to solve brand problems,” said Fauré.

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