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On Late TV, ‘Sanity’ Rally Is the Topic –

In Canada on September 30, 2010 at 10:38

On Late TV, ‘Sanity’ Rally Is the Topic

A month before his “Rally to Restore Sanity” in Washington, Jon Stewart has the political-news media cycle in a headlock.

On Wednesday, even President Obama was talking about the event at a campaign stop in Virginia:

I was amused — Jon Stewart, you know, the host of “The Daily Show,” apparently he’s going to host a rally called, you know, something like “Americans in Favor of a Return to Sanity,” or something like that.

And his point was, you know, 70 percent of the people — it doesn’t matter what political affiliation you are — 70 percent of folks are just like you, which is, they’re going about their business, they’re working hard every day, they’re looking after their families.  They don’t go around calling people names. They don’t make stuff up.

The video:

On his program Wednesday night, Mr. Stewart made no mention of what Politico called the president’s “ringing endorsement” for the rally. Instead, he reacted to Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. telling the Democratic base to “stop whining.” And Mr. Stewart complained that “rather than being transformative, this administration has merely layered a mixed bag of reforms over a corroded foundation of business as usual.”

After playing a clip of Mr. Obama saying, “if you look at the checklist, we’ve already covered about 70 percent,” Mr. Stewart imagined that checklist. The completed items included “win Nobel Peace Prize” and “get iPad,” but three were still unchecked: “fix economy; end partisan divide; quit smoking.”

The segment:

Later in the show, Mr. Stewart briefly promoted the rally, which is scheduled for Oct. 30, and responded to Arianna Huffington’s promise on Tuesday night to provide free bus transportation from New York to Washington for people wanting to attend.

Referring to The Huffington Post’s propensity for collecting links to many Web sites, Mr. Stewart said he hoped the site was not just “embedding a link to Greyhound,” adding, “I hope they’re just not being bus aggregators.”

On cable news Wednesday night, David Axelrod, the White House senior adviser, repeated some of his boss’s talking points about the progress made by the administration in nearly two years in office.

“I don’t think the surprising thing is what we haven’t gotten done. The surprising thing is how much we’ve gotten done,” Mr. Axelrod said on the new MSNBC program “The Last Word,” with Lawrence O’Donnell.

The interview begins with a conversation about taxes:

Meanwhile, Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s “Hardball” reminded the Obama administration to “hold the middle” through a comparison to Bill Clinton; and Bob Woodward continued his book tour for “Obama’s Wars” on CNN’s “Larry King Live.”

And on CBS’s “Late Show,” David Letterman mentioned Rahm Emanuel’s expected departure as the White House chief of staff to run for the mayor of Chicago. “It’s not as easy,” he warned. “I mean, if you’re mayor of Chicago, that means you report directly to Oprah!”

I’ve got to wonder; is there anyway that we could get Rick Mercer to host a similar rally here in Canada. We honestly need to tone down crap that is in our Canadian politics and get it back to what the “People” need and want.


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