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Canadian population tops 34 million: Statscan

In Canada on September 29, 2010 at 14:17
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OTTAWA — Canada’s population increased 0.36% in the second-quarter of 2010, led by continued growth in the Prairie provinces, according to a report released Wednesday by Statistics Canada.

As of July 1, 34,108,800 people called Canada home. Growth over the period between April and July was similar to 2009, the government agency reported.

Newfoundland and Labrador was the only province or territory to post a population decrease in the second-quarter of 2010. The province’s population dipped by more than 300 people to 509,700.

According to Statistics Canada, the decline was mainly a result of the province’s first interprovincial outflow of people since 2008.

Manitoba’s population increased by more than 5,100 to 1,235,400. Statistics Canada said the increase was largely a result of a net inflow in international migration of close to 4,400 — the province’s highest quarterly number since 1971.

The population of Saskatchewan was estimated at 1,045,600. Saskatchewan’s increase of 0.47 per cent was the second highest among all provinces. It was the province’s largest growth since the third quarter of 2007.

Alberta’s population grew by just over 18,500 — or 0.50% — to 3,720,900, the highest increase among the provinces.

British Columbia’s population grew by just under 15,500, or 0.34%, to 4,531,000. It was the province’s lowest second-quarter increase since 2005.

In Atlantic Canada, Prince Edward Island’s population grew by close to 600, 0.40%, to 142,300. Nova Scotia’s population grew by 1,100, or 0.12%, to 942,500.

New Brunswick expanded by more than 800 people, representing 0.11%, to 751,800.

In Quebec, growth was measured at 0.31% or 25,000 people, bringing the province’s population up to 7,907,400.
Ontario — the country’s most populous province — grew by 49,500 people, bringing the total to 13,210,700.

Statistics Canada said the population of Canada also continues to age. The median age of the population was 39.7 years as of July 1, up 0.2 years from the same date in 2009.

The proportion of Canadians over the age of 65 increased slightly to 14.1% of the population, up from 13.9%.

hey now..why is Stats Can giving out this info? Harper!!!!


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