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Harper names chief of staff from business community

In Canada on September 24, 2010 at 13:08

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper has reached into the business sector in Toronto to pick a new chief of staff for his office.

Nigel Wright, a managing director at Onex Corp., will join Harper in Ottawa later this year or early in 2011. As head of the Prime Minister’s Office, he will have huge influence within the Conservative government as it sharpens its policy directions and continues to grapple with an unpredictable economy.

Wright was chosen, in large part, because of his strong economic credentials, say sources. In the coming months, the government is going to continually emphasize that its priority is economic development and job creation.

He replaces Guy Giorno, who had worked for former Ontario premier Mike Harris and developed a reputation as a highly partisan Conservative during his time in Ottawa.

Wright does have some political background, having worked in the PMO in the 1980s under then prime minister Brian Mulroney. He was also an early supporter of Harper in his bid for the Conservative leadership.

But it is his work in the business sphere that has drawn plaudits. He is a lawyer with degrees from the University of Toronto and Harvard. He joined Onex in 1997 and has developed an expertise in private equity transactions, particularly in the aerospace, defence and transportation sectors.

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He Hired An Elite! WTF!?!


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