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‘Presumptuous’ to pressure other candidates to bow out: Smitherman

In Canada on September 23, 2010 at 19:39

‘Presumptuous’ to pressure other candidates to bow out: Smitherman

  September 23, 2010 – 12:46 pm

Tyler Anderson/National Post files

George Smitherman continued to draw a line in the sand between him and mayoral frontrunner Rob Ford, attacking him for suggesting the city can’t afford waterfront redevelopment.

“We can’t afford not to,” said Mr. Smitherman at the newly unveiled Canada Sugar Beach at the foot of Jarvis Street.

He said the city, province and federal government have budgeted for some of the renewal, but noted that turning the waterfront into new residential and commercial communities increases the city’s tax base.

During a meeting with the National Post’s editorial board this week, Rob Ford indicated spending on waterfront renewal is not on his radar. “Not right now, we can’t afford it,” he said.

An op-ed in the Toronto Star on Thursday urged Rocco Rossi, Joe Pantalone and Sarah Thomson to back out of the race so that Mr. Smitherman can take on Mr. Ford.

Mr. Smitherman says it would be “presumptuous” for him to pressure anyone to bow out but that he’s keeping “open lines of communication” between the various camps.

“They have to make those hard decisions for themselves,” said Mr. Smitherman.

“I’m appealing to Torontonians. Whether they’re motivated to stop Rob Ford, which I’m best positioned to do, or hopefully motivated by my plans and my vision for Toronto.”

Meanwhile, Rocco Rossi rejected the call to withdraw, saying it assumes his voters would move to Mr. Smitherman. Mr. Rossi said his polling suggests three quarters of his support would flow to Rob Ford.

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