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Former Ottawa doctor who masturbated while treating drugged patient loses bid for reinstatement in Ontario

In Canada on September 17, 2010 at 14:38

TORONTO – A former Ottawa pain doctor who sexually assaulted a drugged patient will not be allowed to practise medicine in Ontario again.

A disciplinary panel rejected Martin Hugh Gillen’s request to be reinstated as a doctor, officials said Friday.

Gillen, a convicted sex offender, had asked to be reinstated under strict conditions, including a ban on examining female patients.

“Obviously Dr. Gillen is disappointed in the ultimate decision,” said his lawyer Teresa Walsh.

While the College of Physicians and Surgeons said there are no appeal options, Walsh said Gillen could apply for a judicial review of the case.

“There are options and he’s looking at those options,” she said. “But he hasn’t decided on any course of action.”

Gillen’s victim said she was overjoyed with the decision.

“I’m so happy I couldn’t stop crying as I was reading the decision,” said the woman, who cannot be identified.

In 2001, after a series of suspicious incidents at his clinic, the woman carried a hidden camera into Gillen’s office.

That camera recorded the diminutive physician pulling his penis out of his pants and stroking it as the woman lay with her back towards him. He continued treating her with his penis exposed.

Gillen moved the woman’s purse soon after and the final portion of the session was obscured from the camera.

The incident resulted in a sexual assault conviction and jail time for Gillen.

Psychiatrists diagnosed the former physician as a deviant with a preference for sex with non-consenting women. He is deemed a medium-low risk to re-offend.

Gillen continues to deny two earlier alleged incidents.

“I don’t feel he is rehabilitated because he still won’t admit the truth (about the earlier incidents),” his victim said Friday. “All he’ll admit to is what’s on tape.”

His lawyer claimed Gillen had made huge strides through therapy. Once an anxious introvert, Gillen has repaired broken family relationships and has begun dating online.

Gillen’s victim said her life was destroyed by the assault.

“I’m still dealing with it all.”

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