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Our Radio Show Streams are BACK! | ExploreMusic

In Canada on September 10, 2010 at 15:14

For years, anyone anywhere in the world was able to go to any one of a series of websites and stream Ongoing History of New Music and Legends of Classic Rock whenever the spirit moved them.  Hundreds of thousands of hours of material was streamed and word of what these programs were all about spread everywhere.

Then it stopped.

I won’t bore you with the intimate details because they involve a labyrinth of copyright laws that prevented us from legally and economically providing these streams.  Basically, though, we had to carry out a series of protracted negotiations with the rights holders of all the music we play in order that they may be paid for us having the privilege to use this music as part of our business plan.

In Canada and many other countries, radio stations have to pay a series of fees to artist collectives in exchange for being able to play music.  That’s only fair.  The fees are tied to revenue.  The more money a radio station makes, the more in fees it has to pay.  Again, that’s fair. The way these fees are established, collected and paid out has been in place since the 1930s.

But with the Internet, the law is different and more high-tech.  We’re obligated to pay on a per-song, per-stream, per-listener basis and not necessarily tied to revenue.  The data generated by that kind of granularity is, er, daunting.  And even when we conquered the technical aspects of being able to acquire and extract this data, there was still the matter of how much we should pay.  And to whom.

Trying to negotiate all that was painful, slow and complex.  But now it’s done.

You can now stream selected ExploreMusic, Ongoing History and Legends of Classic Rock shows from the ExploreMusic home page.  Please indulge yourself and PLEASE let us know if you find any bugs or have any issues.  And let us know how you’d like this to work.  All comments are most welcome.

–The ExploreMusic team




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