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Canadian rock star Hawksley Workman on the census controversy – The Globe and Mail

In Canada on September 2, 2010 at 17:43

A quick census: How many Hawksley Workmans are there in Canada?
Probably one.

How many Hawksley Workmans are there at your house?
Definitely one.

Have you ever completed a census?
I don’t believe so. It’s like jury duty: I know it happens, it’s not yet happened to me.

Would you complete a census?

Mandatorily or voluntarily?
I would do it either way.

Would you feel intruded upon in doing so?
No. I don’t buy that. I think it should be seen as a civic duty. To live in a great country like this, there are certain things that are required. It would seem essential to get a good, clear picture, especially in a country like Canada that is so spread out and diverse, to take the temperature now and again. I think it is rather crucial to good decision-making.

What three things are not the government’s business to know about you?
Going back to Trudeau, they don’t need to know what goes on in my bedroom. They don’t need to know what toothpaste I use or how much British television I watch.

What percentage of Hawksley Workman objects to a census?
Less than five.

What percentage objects to Stephen Harper meddling with the census?
The other 95. It appears to me there is a mandate to change what it is to be Canadian instead of reflect what it is to be Canadian. It seems one piece of what seems to me to be a spooky plan. You remove the truth and you can create your own version of the truth. The census is a picture of actuality. You take that away and we can be sold any number of faux truths without any way to corroborate.

[Mr. Harper] likes to move on tippy-toes forward and whenever he stumbles or hits a nerve with Canadians, when he goes too far, we yell ‘Ouch!’ Like in the last election with his comments about the arts and arts funding.

Do we have too much government?
At the moment, way too much.

Is the census “too much government”?
No. I don’t believe the government doesn’t want to infringe on our civil rights or threaten us with jail because it seems those are two of the things they want to do the most. That doesn’t wash. For me the census is this tippy-toe move forward. I can see the jigsaw puzzle coming together, this plan to replace the values of Canadians instead of reflecting them. It feels quite dark to me.

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