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Woman watched Canadian husband die in bus hostage taking

In Canada on August 25, 2010 at 10:27

A mother and wife who survived Monday’s hostage-taking on a Philippines bus — but watched her family members die — said her Canadian husband bravely charged at the lone gunman in an attempt to save the other passengers on board.

Amy Ng told reporters outside a Manila hospital that her husband Ken Leung, a 58-year-old businessman, and their two daughters, Jessie, 14, and Doris, 21, were among those killed after their tour bus was hijacked in the Philippine capital by a disgruntled ex-police officer who wanted his job back.

“He sacrificed himself. I really wanted to die together with my husband, but when I thought of my children, I thought one of us should protect ourselves as best we could to look after them,” she said. Her 18-year-old son, Jason, also survived the bloody attack.

The Hong Kong-based family was on a vacation in the Philippines; an official with Hong Thai Travel has said the five people were carrying Canadian passports.

The assailant, Roland Mendoza, was shot in the head when local commandos stormed the bus more than 10 hours into the ordeal — but not before the tourists were used as human shields in what’s been described as a botched rescue.

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