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Bloor shopping strip upgrade now expected by October

In Canada on August 18, 2010 at 08:48

The $25-million upgrade to Bloor Street’s swanky shopping trip is now expected to be completed by late October.

The completion date for fixes to the strip, which stretches from Church Street to Avenue Road, had been pushed to Dec. 31 after numerous delays made the original June end-date impossible.

But “barring any snags,” the project is ahead of schedule and will be completed by late October, according to Rohit Bansal, chief operating officer of Four Seasons Site Development, the company in charge of the upgrade.

“Mirabile dictu,” said city councillor Kyle Rae – Latin for “wondrous to behold.”

“I’m a little skeptical, but if its true, its wonderful.”

“I think that’s great,” said the manager of one store that has been shrouded in fencing because of the construction. “The stores on the street have definitely taken a hit this summer.”

Mr. Bansal said that “a lot of manpower” has been brought on to finish the job ahead of schedule, and that the speed-up was due to “a lot of long hours of work; working 24/7.” He also acknowledged that delays “have been dealt with as we go along.”

The Bloor-Yorkville Business Improvement Association is behind the project to widen pedestrian walkways by more than a metre and have them paved in granite and lined with greenery and flower beds. Construction began in July of 2008.

After a five-week delay for a phone cable problem, the work paused for a year while Toronto Hydro lowered a dozen transformer vaults, a phase Mr. Rae said was unacceptably slow.

Mr. Bansal of Four Seasons Site Development couldn’t guess at the final tab, but estimated the cost has increased by 10 per cent.


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