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In Canada on August 17, 2010 at 21:24
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Want an iPhone 4? Better line up

August 17, 2010

Emily Mathieu


Apple iPhone 4.


Apple fans seeking immediate gratification – at least when it comes to the iPhone 4 – could be temporarily out of luck.

Demand appears to be outpacing supply for the device across Canada. Apple is still selling the phone in limited quantities to customers willing to line up outside stores. Wireless companies are sold out or have limited quantities.

Ashok Kumar, a senior technology analyst with U.S. investment bank, Rodman & Renshaw, said the shortage could be related to a defect in the original iPhone 4 that caused signal strength issues.

Apple has promised customers who buy a phone before Sept. 30 a free rubber bumper that will override a signal issue known as the “death grip.” Kumar said the company is likely holding back on shipping out mass quantities until the problem is fixed.

“Reading between the lines… they will have a hardware fix in place for product shipping beyond” September, he said.

Rogers Communications, Bell Canada and Telus are advising customers to call for more information or go to company websites.

On Tuesday Rogers was sold out and sending updates on Twitter and on their company blog, where complaints about the shortage of iPhone 4s are piling up. Bell Canada has limited if any stock and is taking $50 deposits. Telus has limited quantities.

Questions posed to Apple’s media relations department were responded to in typically cryptic fashion: no explanation, just suggestions that customers should call local stores and more stock would be coming soon.

During a July conference call with analysts, Apple chief operating officer Tim Cook said Apple ships products based on supply and does not hold back to build up buzz, according to blog

On Tuesday, a staff member at Apple’s Eaton Centre explained they had a limited number of phones and those were being given to some of the up to100 people lined up outside the store.

Kumar said potential signal issues and long waits are unlikely to dissuade buyers.

“In terms of user experience it sets the industry yardstick.”

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