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Giant flagpole set to rise at Highway 400 and Finch

In Canada on August 17, 2010 at 09:15

A “monumental flagpole” championed by Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti as a way to make the windswept area around Highway 400 and Finch Avenue a tourist attraction got the go ahead from the city’s executive committee today.

Stretching 125 meters, the flagstaff would be the tallest of its kind in North America and is part of a larger proposal to revitalize an area dominated by strip malls and industrial buildings.

The Emery Village Business Improvement Area will cover the cost of the pole and the surrounding square, pegged at $3.5-million, by instituting a temporary levy on all 2,500 businesses. About forty BIA members took part in the vote on the levy earlier this year, but Mr. Mammoliti said today most businesses are excited about the proposal. The plan is for the city to purchase the vacant land, and recoup the cost from the BIA.

The executive committee unanimously endorsed the plans, and Councillor Howard Moscoe went one step further, suggesting the BIA consider developing an amusement park around the pole as a way to draw more people.

Its football field sized Canadian flag made of “steel fiber”, which makes a crisp sound as it waves in the wind, would be visible from Barrie, said Mr. Mammoliti. The plan still requires approval from City Council. Mr. Mammoliti hopes to raise the flag at the corner of Finch and Arrow Road on Canada Day next year.

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