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Kid Receives 26,000 Texts After Justin Bieber Tweets Phone Number

In Canada on August 16, 2010 at 14:24

Kid Receives 26,000 Texts After Justin Bieber Tweets Phone Number

On Saturday, Justin Bieber broke a sacred rule: He tweeted “everyone call me [number] :) or text” to his 4.5 million followers. The number wasn’t his, though, and the boy it did belong to was inundated with thousands of calls from Bieber’s fans.

Bieber deleted his tweet shortly after publishing it, but it was widely retweeted, proving that you really can’t unsay something on Twitter.

Gawker reports that the victim was Detroit teen Kevin Kristopik, who deleted his Twitter account shortly after tweeting, “Thanks for giving out my # @justinbieber.” Apparently Kristopik hacked Bieber’s friend Ryan Butler to uncover Bieber’s phone number, then did the crazed fan thing and texted him.

A couple of weeks ago, Kristopik tweeted, “im the one who hacked ryan and got justins #.” Bieber then tweeted the teen’s number to get back at him.

Kristopik uploaded a video to the Internet showing his iPhone getting relentlessly assaulted with texts and phone calls (see below). He reportedly received 26,000 text messages — here’s hoping he has the unlimited text messaging plan, though that wouldn’t necessarily protect his phone bill from expensive international texts. Kristopik’s father was quoted by the Free Press saying, “If it costs us $2,000 or $10,000, it’s out of line.”

Bieber’s privacy was violated first, so you could say it’s retaliation, but this seems like a disproportionate response and an irresponsible abuse of celebrity. It’s similar to the incident when MIA tweeted a reporter’s phone number when she was unhappy with the way the writer described her in a New York Times Magazine cover story.

Celebrities suffer from invasions of privacy on a regular basis, but does that justify them in using their social media influence to turn the tables on over-enthusiastic fans or uncooperative reporters?

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