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Edmonton toddler back home after surgery to remove facial growth

In Canada on August 15, 2010 at 10:29

An Edmonton toddler who underwent a second operation in New York to remove a malformation on his face is back home in Canada.

Maddox Flynn arrived in Edmonton Saturday morning with his parents.

The boy’s mother, Nicole Champagne, says Maddox has more surgery scheduled in October.

He was to return to Edmonton at the end of July, but had to stay in New York because of continued swelling around his mouth.

Last month, Maddox had the second of two surgeries to remove a lymphatic malformation on his face.

Ms. Champagne says the doctor calls the future surgery “touch ups” to fix such things as the boy’s eyelid, so it can close.

“Hopefully after October we won’t have to come back,” Ms. Champagne said on Saturday, adding that her son is recovering well.

Maddox’s malformation, called lymphatic cystic hygroma, caused large tumours to form on the left side of his face.

In May, Dr. Milton Waner operated to remove a large growth from above his left eye.

The growth that was removed in July had been preventing the toddler from learning to speak.

Maddox’s family has been flooded with donations from the public to pay for his complex surgery.


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