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Top Ten Most Influential Canadian Women on Twitter

In Canada on August 12, 2010 at 14:48’s List of Top Tweet Queens to Follow Right Now

As Selected by Editorial Director Si Si Penaloza

alt Traditional news media is dead. News no longer breaks, it tweets. Twitterers tapped out tweets during the earthquake in China while the ground was still shaking. One of the first images of the airliner in the Hudson River, picked up by major newspapers, was “tweeted” by a 23-year-old with an iPhone. Twitter has become the top venue for “citizen journalism”. The critical bliss of Twitter is that it happens in “real time”.  If you want to find out about something happening “right now”, the place to go is Twitter. Not Google. This reversal is the first major global tech upset of the new century. 

One thing I appreciate about Twitter is that one (or one’s publicist or Twitter Ghostwriter) must be clever and quick to be followed. You can’t be stunningly gorgeous but stupidly thick and be influential on Twitter. In this sense, this technology is a validating improvement over off-line life. This is one arena where smart girls rule, no contest. I was a little surprised not to find the usual “early adapter” suspects on Twitter. Where are Margaret Atwood and Naomi Klein? On that note, I’ll be updating this list with new stats and additions, so stay tuned.

Nominate new candidates via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or find me on Twitter at SiSiPenaloza and send me a Direct Message.


altAmber MacArthur / ambermacarthur Tech TV journalist. Web content strategist. Professional keynote speaker. Brand new mom.



One of the earliest adapters in Canada, Amber totally gets Twitter, in all its wildly popular, ridiculous glory. I’ve long admired her for being the most vocal and intelligent advocate of net neutrality. Originally from Charlottetown, PEI, Amber is Canada’s reigning darling of New Media. She is a beloved television and netcasting personality. She produces and hosts a video podcast called commandN, co-hosts TWiT’s net@night. She has recently returned to the now CTV-owned CP24 as New Media Specialist.

My favourite Tweets from Amber

@Tekneek we’re trying to get a birth certificate for connor which is unbelievably difficult!about 4 hours ago from web in reply to Tekneek

@YummyMummyClub Hey Erica – great meeting today, will be in touch for sure!5:10 PM Mar 23rd from web in reply to YummyMummyClub

Preppin’ for an 12:40pm EDT Skype interview on @cp24news about, you guessed it, all of you (AKA Twitter)!11:04 AM Mar 23rd from web 

Writing an article about online pet communities…this is my most disturbing find…http://www.peoplepets.com7:02 PM Mar 22nd from web

@YummyMummyClub Oh, I need this co-sleeping article! We are heading down that road…10:35 PM Mar 20th from web in reply to YummyMummyClub

RT @chrisdick – Twitter is like cable, so many channels and nothing on! (Yeah, but like cable, not ready to cut the cord just in case – AM)10:32 PM Mar 20th from web 

altBonnie Fuller / BonnieFuller Founder, Bonnie Fuller Media, Huff Po Blogger, Fr. Editor Us Weekly, Cosmo

2,252 followers · from New York, NY · from New York, NY


Bonnie Fuller invented the vernacular of celebri-scandal conglomerate media that is currently practiced today. She started her career in Canadian media at Flare. American Media later hired her as Editorial Director – with a salary and bonus totaling more than $2 million – to reposition Star, a tabloid with a history of skewering celebrities. Star is now a viable glossy, if not soaring, and Fuller has now moved on. Last we heard, Russ Pillar, an investor and a former head of the interactive division of Viacom, planned to back Ms. Fuller as a brand: she’s created a company called Bonnie Fuller Media. Mr. Pillar sees Ms. Fuller as a reliable cash register. “Everyone who ever did business with her got paid and got paid very well,” he says. Fuller told the New York Times in June 2008,  “Every time I have done something in my career, I have been told that the market was too cluttered, and every time my ability to connect with women has allowed me to break through.”

My Favourite Tweets from Bonnie

Britney: is she being threatened by her dad? I’ve spoken to one source who says she’s met her many times & doubts that it’s Brit on tape.about 2 hours ago from web 

In case, not all of you follow Demi Moore’s tweets- here’s the flowers Ashton just gave her . Swoon! Husbands hint!about 3 hours ago from web 

@Lancearmstrong: my husband a non-pro biker & fan of yours had same fall & surgery. Took 4 months to get back on bike. Now, good as new.about 3 hours ago from web

Michelle Obama’s arms finally geting the AP news story treatment & thanks for the shoutout in there! 4 hours ago from web

Speaking of cougars- Courtey Cox looks COURGARLICIOUS on P22 of new People mag -on set of new TV sitcom, Cougar Town.about 5 hours ago from txt 

My source says he overheard Denise in the showroom of a NYC designer screaming a string of f words into a phone.”F” This + “F” him + F etcabout 5 hours ago from txt

OMG! Valerie Bertinelli on cover of People. She looks f..g FANTASTIC! Talk about hot over- 40 V 20 year olds! She’s hotter than was at 20!about 6 hours ago from txt

Let’s do a 40 V 20 something twitter poll. Who’s hotter? Cindy Crawford or Megan Fox? Who’s hotter?: Who’s hotter: Halle Berry or Rihanna11:41 AM Mar 24th from txt 

Biggest story of the day yesterday – how relieved are you that New Jersey won’t ban Brazilian waxg. US women r free to be free down under!7:05 AM Mar 24th from txt  

John Mayer dumped by Jen for twittering too much- now that’s a truly modern dump.Do you think he’s the first romantic victim of twitter?6:19 AM Mar 24th from txt 

altRachel Sklar / rachelsklar Media addict on the loose.

5,918 followers · from New York, New York


Rachel is the only woman on this list I’ve enabled Twitter device updates for. I get her tweets delivered directly to my iPhone. I quite simply giggle or gufaw out loud at her updates – she’s hilarious, cunning and so very shrewd. Three of my favorite qualities in a woman. Rachel is a frequent panelist on Fox News Watch, a current events debate program, and she has made appearances on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. Until recently, Sklar was the Media & Special Projects Editor for the Huffington Post. She currently works with the recently-launched media consulting firm Abrams Research, and continues to write for a wide variety of publications.

My favourite Tweets from Rachel

The Jews have an #earthhour, too. It’s called Shabbos. #Shabbos #25hours #every weekend #imjustsayin’11:28 AM Mar 28th from web 

Morning Joe vibrator discussion = painful. I do not want to hear Mike Barnicle making a humming noise. I just don’t. TEAM MIKA.about 11 hours ago from web 

Not impressed by Donny Deutsch’s Panerai product placement on Morning Joe. Right after dismal economy talk. It was gross. Really icky.9:41 AM Mar 23rd from mobile web

Can everybody please get their eyeballs over to Nate Silver at, whose AIG and related analysis is brilliant and important? KTHNXBAI.10:34 AM Mar 22nd from TweetDeck 

All these people on my flight were reading BOOKS. Sheesh. Didnt they get the memo about the Kindle? How embarrassing.10:23 PM Mar 21st from mobile web 

I enjoy being a girl (and supporting my industry): Just bought Glamour, Lucky and Gossip Girl Rolling Stone (w/ bonus Taibbi on the bailout)2:34 PM Mar 21st from mobile web

Me to my Dad: “You’re up early.” Dad: “I have to update my blog! The world needs to know what I think!” (My Dad likes to mock me.)10:20 AM Mar 20th from web

R/T @AMF7: “Other things the Iraq War is older than: Facebook, Grey’s Anatomy, digital cams priced below $1000” #iraq6 #iraqwaranniversary

altBif Naked / bifnaked New Album – The Promise – Availabe May 5th!

1,607 followers · from Vancouver


I typically feed on Bif’s Twitter stream after I’ve come down from my Ashtanga high, practicing with Jennifer Findlay at Rosedale’s best kept secret, 889 Yonge. She is the perfect follow up to an hour and a half of hopeful stretching and sweating. I admire how open she has been about coping with breast cancer, and I found myself whispering a silent prayer for her as I read on her Twitter feed that she was going in for a CT scan. Twitter can be an oddly intimate space. Bif Naked has toured internationally as a headlining act, and has performed on bills with Snoop Dogg, Billy Idol, Dido, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, Chrissie Hynde, the Foo Fighters and the Cult.

My Favourite Tweets from Bif 

saw my Guru-esque oncologist and i am the lucky grrl who gits a new, trial infusion-drug. Neat. Namaste, Norvartis,be kind to me. Om Sai Ram11:07 PM Mar 25th from web

Killer workout:over 80lbs cable seated rows today! Now, chillin at Opus hair in Yaletown, visiting Van(hair artiste). Sun is out. Om Happy.1:04 PM Mar 21st from TwitterBerry

Painting my toes sparkly in case the CTscan goes weird, this morning, and i get stuck there. oooh…Mama says “wear yur good underpants” 🙂8:06 AM Mar 20th from web

@jannarden awwww! Lovebug! I miss you immeasurably, as ever. i was in TO when you rang. I will phone u today. lovelovlove you.:)6:03 AM Mar 19th from web in reply to jannarden

Just got off the air at CFOX and debuted my new single, “Sick”! So fun! U can hear it at http://bifnaked.com1:35 PM Mar 16th from TwitterBerry 

Quel horreur! Somebody has been feeding Nicklas beefaroni in my absence. Cleaning up evidence all morning. aww..poor puppy! good to be home.7:39 AM Mar 16th from web

Wow! Just handed my friends, Anvil, their plaque as they were inducted into Indie Hall of Fame. Such a priveledge for me! I’m such a fan. 🙂9:29 PM Mar 14th from TwitterBerry 

Sitting in Toronto’s Royal York Hotel room with British rockstar, Anna Neale! We are laughing at the room service boy (yes, food). Namaste.1:51 PM Mar 14th from TwitterBerry  

In btween press, Canadian Music Awards this afternoon..I JUST met Divine Brown in the bathroom! She is DIVINE! So fun! 🙂12:29 PM Mar 13th from TwitterBerry

Just saw George and had so much fun on The Hour! Now my publicist taking me to organic grocery store. Yay! Let’s eat! Yummy! 🙂6:12 PM Mar 12th from TwitterBerry 


altElaine Lui / LaineyGossip Providing a gossip education to the Canadian public!

2,778 followers · from Vancouver


I met “gossip smuthound” Elaine “Lainey” Lui in ’07 at Hotel du Cap during Cannes. We were both waiting for Brad Pitt and George Clooney to show at the bar after their off-shore benefit for Darfur. It was love at first smut. That was the year she broke her elbow in the Mischa Barton episode. She loves to laugh at herself, which makes her all the more adorable. What started as a simple mailing to her friends and colleagues soon grew to a website with millions of subscribers from around the world. The site now receives an average of 500,000 unique visitors per week, making it a leading international celebrity gossip source, selected as one of Entertainment Weekly‘s 100 Websites to Bookmark.

My Favorite Tweets from Lainey

warner party at bryan adams studio – ed robertson singing careless whisper. good crab cakesabout 13 hours ago from mobile web

Bryan Adams just walked past us. He looks like it’s 1985. How do these bitches not age? he wears jeans like hotabout 21 hours ago from mobile web  

I’m a good Canadian for wanting Ryan Gosling. Natalie Portman is a dumbass for not.about 1 hour ago from web

I’m a bad Canadian because I think Lilo is a dumb twat.about 2 hours ago from web

why am i happy? eTalk crew has arrived in my city! my friends! my girls! and Dylan!about 17 hours ago from web

just came from juno fitting for my etalk backstage lounge dress. it’s black and snatch short. will jacob like it? bad lainey…about 19 hours ago from mobile web 

What if James Franco smells bad? Would i still want him?9:58 AM Mar 25th from web 

Something that worries me: why am i attracted to Jacob Hoggard from Hedley?1:52 PM Mar 24th from web 

new blackberry just arrived with a fresh ball. am happy. but also sad. because my life would suck without it. i’m a lesser person.12:00 PM Mar 24th from mobile web

Waiting on 1 more source re: actress about to divorce husband because she can’t use him anymore for career. been weeks, still not slamdunk11:56 AM Mar 20th from web

iman wants me to get drunk tonight. she sent me the vibe6:25 PM Mar 19th from mobile web   


altSerena Ryder / SerenaRyder New album, is it o.k – coming soon on Atlantic Records!

1,089 followers · from Toronto Canada


Serena uses Twitter to engage and entice her fan base. While not as endearing and personal as Bif Naked’s feed, Serena promotes herself with a pluck that is obviously not coming from a canned PR drone. Besides her impressive three-octave range, this is why I love Serena Ryder: in July 2008, Serena gave an exclusive performance for attendees of the 2008 Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology Meeting at the University of Toronto. Is that randomly hot or what? In 2008, Serena won the Juno Award for New Artist of the Year. And the accolades just keep on coming…

My Favourite Tweets from Serena

Last night Serena Ryder won a Juno Award for Adult Alternative Album of the Year for “is it o.k”! woohoo CONGRATULATIONS!about 5 hours ago from web

Serena Ryder had a random fan request after her show to sing for them in the restroom.Yes seriously.Please observe 5 hours ago from web

Let it be known Serena Ryder raises the roof – quite literally. Take a look’ith at the latest video diary. 3 hours ago from web 

Check out Serena Ryder on Victoria’s Secret’s PINK “Love Rock” section!…10:16 AM Mar 11th from web 

First gig of ‘is it o.k’ tour: 4 Feb @ Triple Door in Seattle, WA. Hands up, who’s going?5:29 PM Jan 23rd from web 

Happy Friday! Have a present… it’s a Little Bit Of Red… 😉 shhh! PM Jan 23rd from web  

check out this studio footage as Serena teams up with The Beauties to record a cover of Funeral by Band Of Horses AM Jan 23rd from web

altCandice Best / candicebest Publicist and owner of Best PR Boutique, a PR firm covering premium brands from fashion to film. Best PR has

548 followers · from Toronto


A dedicated philanthropist, Candice Best is a driving force behind PROM at the ROM, one of the hottest parties of Toronto’s spring social season. Since the moment I met Candice, she’s been my “go-to” girl for sourcing everything from fine wines to lighter-than-air croissants to fashion. She’s great at making genuine recommendations, and it comes very naturally.

Our Favorite Tweets from Candice

As per @laineygossip‘s earlier tweet, there was no doubt a lot of cleavage to leverage Nickelback to Fan Choice award win.about 18 hours ago from TwitterBerry 

@amyverner I had no idea Jian Gomeshi was Lights’ manager, though I’ve seen duo out&about a few times. And I thought they might be dating!about 18 hours ago from TwitterBerry 

@SarahPrevette Not sure what you’re hoping will “erupt” with LavaLife; but I can quickly connect to Cda’s lrgst speed dating co, FastLife.ca19 minutes ago from TwitterBerry 

World’s best DJs in Miami now for major Music Conferenc @steveaoki @THEERealFDHC, to name a few. Flying 2 in 4 #PROM: DJ JoJoflores +DJMateoabout 5 hours ago from web

@johncmayer If you go for the heart, make sure it comes with instructions.about 21 hours ago from TwitterBerry

@NathAt Drambuie=plump lips au naturel for me. No joke. Found out years ago that Drambuie sparks allergic reaction that makes my lips swell.3:22 PM Mar 24th from web

@maxvaliquette It’s no wonder RIM headquarters are in Waterloo – strong Mennonite community around there. I hear there’s a Blackberry Barn!10:56 AM Mar 24th from web in reply to maxvaliquette


altMaggie Fox maggiefox / Licensed Social Media Professional (there is no such thing as a “Licensed Social Media Professional”) CEO of Social Media Group.

4,008 followers · from Dundas, Ontario


Maggie Fox is the founder of Social Media Group, one of the world’s largest independent agencies helping business navigate the new socially engaged Web. Maggie is frequently asked to speak to business groups across North America about Web 2.0, and sits on the Advisory Board for SMToday Media, which operates the Social Media Collective and MyVenturePad sites.

My Favourite Tweets from Maggie

The cool kids are at the Driscoll. And plus I petted some horses #sxsw10:33 AM Mar 23rd from txt

I think #sxsw has broken Twitter – I originally tweeted this two days ago: (but thanks for the helpful replies!)4:53 PM Mar 15th from web

OH: “Dylan Hamperdink, Dylan Hamperdink, can you please meet your party at the information desk?” What the hell kind of airport is this??4:08 PM Mar 15th from web

Dude. I will hit 4k followers by the end of #sxsw. That’s weird. Truly, I am not that interesting. Well, except for the porn.8:25 PM Mar 14th from web

In the web/feminism session, @danahboyd notes that we’re dealing with context problems online re: privacy bcause everything is “now”…4:12 PM Mar 14th from mobile web

At the crowdsourcing panel #sxsw so far, a little *meh*11:42 AM Mar 14th from web


altLaura Johnston / fathomco Boutique PR shop specializing in travel, food, health, beauty and consumer lifestyle goods/services

232 followers · from Oakville, Ontario


Laura Johnston is a savvy social media connector. To hear her talk of building links or launching viral campaigns makes it abundantly clear that she gets   the importance of cultivating relationships online. As many PR firms struggle to figure out how to pitch new media outlets properly, Laura is well ahead of the curve. She knows that Twitter is networking gold. She’s building an effective social media footprint by keeping strategic objectives in mind.

My Favourite Tweets from Laura

Just logged onto my Facebook and realized the feed really does kind of look like Twitter now. Someone’s jealous of the popular kid maybe?5:00 PM Mar 13th from web 

just back from our NEXUS interviews.Yippee, shorter wait times at the airport! better watch Homeland Security USA to brush up on the rules:)3:27 PM Mar 11th from web

was beginning to think the fab duo Colin & Justin were out of the Twitter loop, then found them here: @colinjustin2:57 PM Mar 5th from web 

How to be a CSI for your health! Dietitian Helene Charlebois explains nutrient profiling. DM us if you want to interview her.1:37 PM Mar 5th from web

it’s twitter mania out there now! just got off the phone with the 2nd client today asking about it and it’s only 8:39am.7:40 AM Mar 3rd from web

just back from Home Depot. DEAD quiet. Manager shook our hand and thanked us for shopping. recession = kinder service!2:03 PM Feb 28th from web 

is in Ottawa with the Cayman Breakaway Hockey team on a media tour. Watch them on CBC News Morning this Thursday!9:29 AM Feb 17th from web 

Getting ready to go to Cayman Cookout tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting Anthony Bourdain, Eric Ripert, Ray Isle etc!!3:40 PM Jan 15th from web 

is happy to be doing the PR for Salute Toronto Wine + Food Festival. Follow them on Twitter @SaluteTO8:13 AM Dec 5th, 2008 from web 

Heading to Harley Davidson for a meeting Monday…think I should take the hog?4:58 PM Dec 5th, 2008 from web

altJennifer Valentyne / JValentyne Live Eye Host – Citytv’s Breakfast Television

1,163 followers · from Toronto, Ontario, Canada ·


Jennifer started her career in 1987 at Citytv as a weekend intern while attending school and performing as a cheerleader for the Toronto Argonauts. She was ‘discovered’ when singing at a staff party and was hired as the “Singing Weathergirl” on “BT-BreakfastTelevision.” Jennifer travels each morning to locations around and beyond the Greater Toronto Area with LiveEye, giving viewers a first hand account of events in and around our city. On any given day Jennifer can be found doing anything from the flying trapeze at Circus School, milking a goat at the Winter Fair, building a house with Habitat for Humanity or repelling down a building in support of Easter Seals.

My Favorite Tweets from Jennifer

just got my brows done. Wow. The Brow Bar is at Holt Renfrew on Bloor. For more info call 416-922-2333 ext 2599. See blog shortly.8:28 AM Mar 26th from web 

The Live Eye will be at our new home this morning. I’m bringing my construction boots! It’s going to be messy.3:40 AM Mar 13th from web 

still following @danecook. My hubby just surprised me with tickets to his show in May. I’m not mad at him anymore..ha ha www.danecook.com11:19 AM Mar 12th from web

OMG…Melissa was amazing on Dancing With The Stars!!! Proud of her…Kev went to bed 3 hours ago…It’s now time for me. Nite9:05 PM Mar 9th from web

Finished the laundry…Hubby made Rice Krispies Squares with the kids. I’m staying away from them. The Squares not the kids.1:37 PM Mar 8th from web

Si Si Penaloza

About the author:

Si Si Penaloza is the Editorial Director of Prior to joining’s powerhouse executive team, Si Si cultivated strong ties with editors, producers and publishers at all major Canadian media outlets. She is a seasoned print, radio and broadcast specialist. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Bowdoin College in Maine, Si Si moved to Manhattan to study Film at New York University. Her strengths lie in contextualizing relevant content for a broad audience. She’s driven to stay competitive and at the top of the market – commissioning exclusive features and launching bold initiatives. Contact Si Si at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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