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Say Hi to the Canadian Music Wiki

In Canada on August 6, 2010 at 09:21

The Canadian Music Scene is getting nerdier.

This because of the launch last May of the Canadian Music Wiki a joint project between CBC Radio 3 and University of British Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

According to the website’s mission statement, it is “dedicated to using collaborative and social media to enrich Canada’s music scene by creating a comprehensive guide to Canadian music.”

Launched on the 21st of May, the site was 9 months in the making.

Steve Pratt, the director of CBC Radio 3, and Alfred Hermida, an associate professor at the UBC school of journalism came up with the idea. They asked Amanda Ash, a graduate student at UBC, to join the project because it combined her interests in social media with her background in music journalism.

“This was their initial idea to put together something like this,” she said recently over the phone, “and I took that idea and ran with it.”

The site currently has 2,300 pages of original content. The goal is to keep that momentum going. They are also updating the site so it’s easier to contribute. “We want everyone to be able to add, from your grandmother to a 16-year old kid that’s a Justin Bieber fan,” Ash said. She said the first step it get a base of contributors and keep it growing.

According to Ash, Radio 3 is the perfect kind of environment to experiment with a project like the Canadian Music Wiki. “Radio 3 is kind of on the fringe, and we’re given a little more space to experiment,” she said.

Ash said that although there isn’t a lot of resources available for the project, she hopes the community will come together and sustain the site now that it’s up and running.

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