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TTC promotes driving – Zipcars only

In Canada on August 4, 2010 at 20:38

The TTC is encouraging Metropass holders to sign up for a car-sharing program through a deal with Zipcar. The deal is partly a bid to get those who own a car or are considering buying one to switch to public transit.

Metropass holders will be eligible for a $55 discount on Zipcar membership fees and will also pay less in hourly or daily rates if they sign up with the car-sharing company.

“There are certain times it’s appropriate to use a car to get around,” TTC chair Adam Giambrone said at a Wednesday news conference announcing the deal. “It’s really hard to do a big grocery shopping run and take all the bags back with you on public transit.”

Michael Lende, Zipcar’s general manager in Toronto, said most of the company’s customers in the city use public transit and that more than half of Zipcar users ditch their regular cars after signing up for the service.

“We’re aligned with the idea of less congestion, less pollution, more walking, cycling and taking transit,” he said.

Many Zipcars are already parked near subway stations to make transferring from auto to transit easier. Most Zipcars are parked downtown or along the Yonge line, with a few stationed at other subway stops.

Mr. Lende said as the company gets more users, he’s hoping to station cars along the University line.

The discount is part of the TTC’s Hot Dealz program, which allows Metropass holders to get discounts at several Toronto landmarks and businesses, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Hockey Hall of Fame and Second City.



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