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Canadian songwriter Eddie Schwartz suggests Canada lead the world by legalizing file-sharing

In Canada on August 2, 2010 at 13:25

Canadian songwriter Eddie Schwartz is suggesting the Canadian government break from international protocol and become the 1st nation to legalize P2P file-sharing.  Schwartz is proposing Canada’s next copyright bill include a provision whereby consumers who wish to upload and download shared music files would be asked to pay a “reasonable” monthly licence fee on top of their monthly internet-connection bill.

Speaking on behalf of the Songwriters Association of Canada, the SAC director  proposes that Bill C-32 be amended to legalize music file-sharing in conjunction with a remuneration system for creators and rights-holders. “The revenue received could be distributed to performers, songwriters, and rights-holders on a transparent, pro-rata basis by one of Canada’s respected music collectives, such as SOCAN,” the award-winning songwriter writes.

Internet providers have resisted attempts to engage them as IP gate-keepers, arguing that the administrative cost and Canada’s privacy laws prevent them from policing their networks. Schwartz writes in the Georgia Strait that music file-sharing now constitutes well over 90% of all the music obtained on wired and wireless networks, and dwarfs all other means of distribution, including iTunes.

Engaging the ISPs  is a  simple measure that would not only go a long way toward eliminating the need for “locks and lawsuits”, but would create a new business model that would be fair to consumers and creators alike, Schwartz says. Complete story here



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