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Ann Coulter’s Excellent Canadian Adventure & More {Updated May 2014}

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AP ~ Protest Cancels Ann Coulter Speech in Ottawa

I’m kind of shocked about what happened in Ottawa.  With years and years of talking tours under her belt in the United States, never has Ann Coulter been stopped by a mob to speak her mind.   Real Time’s Bill Maher and Countdown’s Keith Olbermann should be taking notes on how to shut this lady down.    They’ve been trying for ever.    She accuses the University of Ottawa’s academic vice-president, Francois Houle, of “inspiring hatred” toward her.  That is rich.  Coulter is reportedly planning to file a Human Rights complaint.  She’ll be speaking next in Calgary.  Enjoy her mindless dribble below.


(I need to stress that the original post was all about Ann Coulter’s trip to Canada back in March 2010..but she’s been so completely off the wall with her comments in general, I felt that using this forum to post her rants was the right thing to do.  So…)

Here is Ann Coulter’s address at the 2012 CPAC


Original stuff below

You Can read Julian Beltrame’s full article at The Toronto

‘Safety’ fear shuts Ann Coulter speech

Darling of the U.S. right a no-show amid protests

OTTAWA–Hundreds of screaming students succeeded in what few thought possible Tuesday night – silencing incendiary right-winger Ann Coulter.

Organizers for the American’s tour of Canada scrubbed her much-anticipated speech at the University of Ottawa when students crowded the entrance before her arrival.

A spokesman for the organizers said about 2,000 “threatening” students posed a security threat to the darling of the American right, and she was advised against appearing.

“It would be physically dangerous for Ann Coulter to proceed with this event,” said conservative political activist Ezra Levant.

Protest organizer Mike Fancie was happy the speech was halted.

“What Ann Coulter is practising is not free speech, it’s hate speech,” he said. “She’s targeted the Jews, she’s targeted the Muslims, she’s targeted Canadians, homosexuals, women, almost everybody you could imagine.”

This video segment shows the entire question of the muslim young lady and Ann’s entire answer. In the press coverage of this event, this segment contains the most quoted line of Ann’s presentation

Part 1 Tom Clark Vs Ann

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Michael Coren with Ann

On Fox News

Bill O’Reilly loves Ann 1

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The Other Bill Vs Ann

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Full CBC episode

What Can I Say…hail Ann Coulter

The Real Ann…No way!!

Rex Murphy gets the last word on freedom of speech in Canada

History For Morons (Ann Coulter Edition) – Canada and the Vietnam War

Words of wisdom from Ann to Canada ~

Below are excerpts from Coulter’s and Carlson’s Canada-bashing.

From the November 30 edition of FOX News’ Hannity & Colmes:

COULTER: Conservatives, as a general matter, take the position that you should not punish your friends and reward your enemies. And Canada has become trouble recently.

It’s — I suppose it’s always, I might add, the worst Americans who end up going there. The Tories after the Revolutionary War, the Vietnam draft dodgers after Vietnam. And now after this election, you have the blue-state people moving up there.


COULTER: There is also something called, when you’re allowed to exist on the same continent of the United States of America, protecting you with a nuclear shield around you, you’re polite and you support us when we’ve been attacked on our own soil. They [Canada] violated that protocol.


COULTER: They better hope the United States doesn’t roll over one night and crush them. They are lucky we allow them to exist on the same continent.


COULTER: We could have taken them [Canada] over so easily.

[ALAN] COLMES: We could have taken them over? Is that what you want?

COULTER: Yes, but no. All I want is the western portion, the ski areas, the cowboys, and the right-wingers.


COULTER: They don’t even need to have an army, because they are protected, because they’re on the same continent with the United States of America. If we were not the United States of America, Canada — I mean, we’re their trading partner. We keep their economy afloat.


ELLIS HENICAN [Newsday columnist]: We share a lot of culture and a lot of interests. Why do we want to have to ridicule them and be deeply offended if they disagree with us?

COULTER: Because they speak French.

COLMES: There’s something else I want to point out about the French. Is it’s fashionable again on your side to denounce the French.

COULTER: We like the English-speaking Canadians.

From the November 30 edition of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Reports:

CARLSON: Without the U.S., Canada is essentially Honduras, but colder and much less interesting.


CARLSON: We exploit your [addressing Canadian Member of Parliament Carolyn Parrish] natural resources, that’s true. But in the end, Canadians with ambition move to the United States. That has been sort of the trend for decades. It says something not very good about Canada. And I think it makes Canadians feel bad about themselves and I understand that.


CARLSON: Canada needs the United States. The United States does not need Canada.


CARLSON: I think if Canada were responsible for its own security — you would be invaded by Norway if it weren’t for the United States.


CARLSON: [A]bsolutely the countries will remain allies and there will always be politicians who see it to their benefit to stomp on Bush dolls [referring to action taken by Parrish]. But no, I don’t think the average Canadian feels — the average Canadian is busy dogsledding.


PARRISH: No, there’s not a lot of dogsledding. There’s a lot of dog walking, my friend. Not a lot of dogsledding.

CARLSON: Welcome to our century.

From the November 30 edition of CNN’s Crossfire:

CARLSON: Canada’s essentially — essentially a made-in-Taiwan version of the United States.


CARLSON: I’m surprised there was anybody left in Canada to attend the protests. I noticed that most sort of vigorous, ambitious Canadians, at least almost all comedians in Canada, come to the United States in the end. Doesn’t that tell you something about the sort of limpid, flaccid nature of Canadian society, that people with ambition come here? What does that tell you about Canada?



So this has nothing to do with Canada per se but it just seemed like a nice addition to this loons past talking points

I’ll let the fine people a Gawker explain, (full context here

“Ann Coulter’s bullshit conservative troll game is slipping. In her zeal to land a jab against… Twitter? Michelle Obama? Nigerian schoolgirls?… she opened a door for her detractors, and they jumped through it with a two-leg flying kick of Photoshop fury.

The way Coulter’s game is supposed to work is 1) she says something bigoted or just plain dumb and trollish, 2) outraged critics say something she can twist as sexist, 3) she positions herself as the victim, 4) she wins. But if she looks like a fucking tone-deaf joke of a demagogue instead of a victim, it doesn’t really work.

That’s where Twitter comes in. Here’s the backstory: Michelle Obama, among others, made the hashtag #bringbackourgirls trend, a viral if superficial way to draw mainstream attention to the plight of the 234 Nigerian teen girls kidnapped by an Islamist militant group called Boko Haram. Never mind that anti-Islam conservatives were the first folks to scream for media attention to this story; the nascent right-wing meme is now that Michelle Obama trivialized the story by hashtagging it. So Ann Coulter responded thusly on Twitter yesterday:”


So social media got even with good old Ann

Untitled 8 Untitled 7 Untitled 6 Untitled 5 Untitled 4 Untitled 3 Untitled 2

Good Bless our American Cousins.

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