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Not much to say on this. I had to cry after hearing Jian Ghomeshi’s intro to Q on Nov (you can read it below) Rest In Peace Haydain aka jacksoul. Your music touched so many people. You will not be forgotten.


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from the National Post November 24, 2009

by Peter Saltsman

Canadian musicians remember Haydain Neale

The Canadian music world was rocked today with news of the death of Haydain Neale. Best known as the lead vocalist of the multi-award-winning group Jacksoul, Neale was one of the country’s most well-respected musicians. As Canada’s music scene begins to mourn along with music lovers everywhere, here are some thoughts on the man and his music from industry professionals and friends.

Davide DiRenzo, Ron Lopata, Justin Abedin, John “JK” Kanakis , Roger Travassos
Members of Jacksoul
“Our hearts are heavy during this very difficult time of the loss of our brother and leader, Haydain. His love for his family, friends, fans and musical peers were immeasurable. To his fans, we thank you for your prayers and well wishes over these past two and a half years during his recovery process. We will miss performing with Haydain, but most of all we will miss his infectious laughter and his soulful voice that has given us the rare and humble gift of sharing his beautiful music with the world.”

Producer, songwriter, MC
“I asked him to come sing “The Beautiful Ones” when I did a guest-laden tribute to the Purple Rain album back in 1996. There were plenty of other A-list singers doing their thing, but he really blew everyone else away on that stage. He was a hard act to follow.”

Wesley Williams
aka Maestro, rapper
“The last time I saw Haydain was at the airport on the way to the Junos in Saskatoon a few years ago. He was there with his family and he seemed peaceful as usual. I was happy to find out that he won the award. It hurt me a few months later when I heard about his accident and then today it’s even a bigger shock to hear about this death. Hayden was always one of those cats who gave out positive energy to me whenever I’d see him. I would have loved to work with him but never had the chance. May God let his soul rest in everlasting peace and to look over and protect his family throughout this very challenging time.”

Jian Ghomeshi
Musician and host of CBC Radio’s Q (where this comes from)
“Word started to spread late last night that Haydain Neale, one of the finest and warmest young creative talents in this country had died. Many of us are still in shock. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.

You know it almost becomes a cliché when we lose someone to talk about them as “one of the good guys.” But the truth is, Haydain was an exceptional soul. He was sunshine, he was smarts, he was artistry, and he was a leader. As a friend and a musical peer I turned to him for advice on a couple of occasions the way you would to a sage mentor-type, even though he and I were about the same age. He was charming, utterly fine looking, and a commanding presence. But he was a sensitive and beautiful artist as well. He was a rare force that gave you pride in the fruits of this nation’s creative community. Indeed, this is a sad day for Canada.

Haydain Neale, you were the deal. Your passion, your voice, and your integrity will not be forgotten. We’ll make sure of that. Rest in peace, brother.”

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